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  1. If C&C 1.06 is bad, I imagine my mod's worse XD Too many jumps in the unit tables...
  2. Just giving people bit of an update I've been sick for the majority of the month, which has affected my C&C development work. I can report that I've just finished going over another map, one that Goatmessiah submitted earlier. His map actually helped me identify a few tech tree bugs which I've now resolved, mainly Russian Construction Yards being able to produce a few Japanese items if captured by Company of Answers on his map. All fixed now Weirdly, just as I was about done, the map started to crash on load... and the fix was to move the triggers back up to the top of the text file. Strange huh?
  3. Interesting! It's cut content so it's non-canon but it's a pretty interesting concept In retrospect if they added it it would have made the progression from Soviet --> Nod make more sense, haha.
  4. From memory I believe that this was a limitation in the stock game. It's possible some of the newer modding tools and patches that have arose since my time can fix this issue, however, so it might be worth asking around or doing a bit of digging.
  5. Amusingly I too created a flame tank icon for my game that's grey--although it's a darker grey than yours to fit in with my faction's more evil colour scheme. Seems like a decent edit though Maybe a cooler metal colour for the tracks.
  6. The res is so high I can't make out any units XD That gif is pretty amazing though!
  7. I remember playing that as a kid. I was convinced that burning the trees would actually stop them moving and allow me to attack them safely. Strangely from memory it kinda worked too, although this is going on 10 years or so ago now :|
  8. I look forward to seeing what you can do Matt Today I finished the AI for the interior map One map down, 3 to go, and then just testing all of them to make sure there's no problems :engie:
  9. Time for an update! Today is a great day :laugh: I have finished the last building for the Urban environment! And if something I am half-planning with Nyer falls through (He's indicated he'd be okay with trying to clone some Barracks for me, but nothing has been committed just yet) it is also the last building for the mod entirely. Let's take a look shall we? It's the one with the light roof and the small tower on its left
  10. Love the refinery and RA weapons factory guys. TD is so good but so many of these mods just fail to get the look right. Props. I will note though: Why the hell has that guy built 2 radar domes? :laugh:
  11. Hey thanks guys! I'm glad the Tomorrow superweapon is coming along just as favourably as the Cruise Missile for Japan and USA! I know what you mean White. Here I was having a non-productive day at work, reflecting on my previous failed project for RA2 while skimming through PPM, and then I bump into that thread. It was literally perfect for this. And you are also right with the Gene Bank. The fixes required were minor and are difficult to tell from this image, but here you go: I also put in a few hours today working on the mouse cursor. I admit I didn't expect it to take as long as it did, but hey, it's done now. Check out the new targeting cursor for Chemical Strike!
  12. I will follow with interest. Godspeed team!
  13. Nod Death Squad is like that one map I never finished. Might be fun to see somebody else give it a go (or just work it out myself) haha
  14. Time for an update! Over the weekend I have been bashing my head against the monitor trying to get this AI working. It's really quite profound how the smallest changes turn the AI from incredibly passive to super aggressive and back again... The best result I have so far is when I make a deliberate mistake (specify 4 actions for the teamtype but only give 3) which works great, right up until about 20 minutes in when some of the tanks that are fighting get teamed up with one at base and then get stuck on the river. Once this happens of course the entire AI chokes until I kill the offending units manually. Sigh. In more positive news I can share that I found a good resource thread on PPM today: http://www.ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=40231 I used one of the explosions for my chemical strike. It's like, divine providence. It's exactly the right size for C&C. Looks great ingame! I also tried to fix the Gene Bank graphic, changing the logo on top from radioactive to biohazard. It looks okay to me although ingame it's looking a bit weirdly shaded. I'll have to use different remap colours there.
  15. That quote makes me feel like I've read a movie blurb or something.
  16. Time for an update! With this building done (there's one urban one to go but I need some inspiration before I tackle it) I've started working on maps again. Last night I played through Matt's Test of Time map again, as he provided me with two harder versions after the first was a bit easy due to my giving him the incorrect economy figures. His hardest one is ideal and with the smallest change I'm happy to implement it into the game as is. Yay for working AI! Next I'll need to hit the other maps and finish off their AI. Goatmessiah's one needs some air harassment to keep the pressure on (Tomorrow can defend so easily so AI needs to be hyper aggressive). Oh and here's my cameo for the Naval Command. Cameo. How is one meant to say that? Cam-e-o? Came-o?
  17. Hey thanks man I think I'm okay with the whole hole as it is! I did the buildup this afternoon. Comments and criticism welcome, I did this one by hand so it might need a few touchups.
  18. Thank you so much White I'm doing what I can! Have some damage frames:
  19. Maybe a tiny bit more so it matches the cave walls I will say that screenshot looks amazing though :O
  20. I'd say maybe a little more shading on those stalagmites! The buildings could perhaps use a little bit of texturing Just my 2 cents--hope that lots of people use the theme :O
  21. So that's just RA support? Still so awesome to have so much more variety guys!
  22. After a getting few more opinions I've made the following version: Hope you like! If there's any further suggestions I'd love to hear them. Otherwise I'm probably happy enough with this one I will then start work on the buildup animation. EDIT: Here's an edit of the above screenshot with the updated version:
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