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  1. Gap generators are one of the highest priorities in late game as Alied. In Single Player they did absolutely nothing because the AI just look through them, but online is a much different story.
  2. Don't do this: https://i.imgur.com/08ZHpzJ.png
  3. When you are building tanks and still need miners, make a refinery and immediately sell it after. You will still get miners, and make tanks at the same time. Be-careful of your economy when doing this, however.
  4. Honestly the speed setting should be removed in general. Weird thing only in Westwood games. Imagine playing a shooter and you have a setting to play as 30 fps... --- Play on the highest resolution as you can. Its hard to get used to the 'tinier' tanks, but its totally worth it, since you will be able to see the battlefield much better. Only exception would be 4k, which is a bit of an overkill...
  5. Start the game by scouting with dogs, or a brute if you are yuri.
  6. This. Some people (though haven't seen it yet since I came back) use modified official maps. They are looking like official maps, but they have mods inside of it (usually spawns with instant 500 oil derricks, yuri, etc...) outside the map boundaries (so a normal user don't see it). Its f*cking nasty honestly.
  7. I am not sure what the detector checks atm, but if it do detect modified .exe files as well, than a no-cd crack would trigger it as well. Interesting observation. However, it could also be different official game versions, really. Based on the amount of people I played with that were 'supposedly' cheaters I do not want to believe this.
  8. As a lot know by now I take breaks from time to time and play again. This time when I come back I come to the big surprise that 50% of the rooms I (or other) go in are triggered by 'This user may be on outdated files or a cheater' This seems going on for a long time, since literally everyone ignores the warning and just play anyway. This is a huge problem, since an actual cheater can easily go in, since they will trigger the same kind of warnings, making it kind of worthless notification... So.. why is this going on exactly? Where is the file difference happening? From my own experience it seems to not happen in every room, but a lot of them for sure. Yes, its all on the same version. Talking about this:
  9. I mean.. with the low quality option in the client settings they NEVER animate.
  10. Its very minor but things like Tesla Reactors or power plants no longer animate on low. I don't know what's different for MO.
  11. I've reported this long time ago, still didn't got fixed. The unit count is wrong as well. Supposed to give you Engineers but it doesn't.
  12. That's a new one to me, very neat. Score screen works fine for me so won't use it though. Back in day it used to be very buggy for me, but compatibility improvements have fixed this for me
  13. Damn, I am actually concerned about this. If this becomes too much of a problem maybe a IP filter is possible so they all play with each other and we can stay in peace. Not racist btw but language barrier + distance issues could become a huge problem. Though CnCnet is advertised as a global powerhouse (like it should) if nobody speaks English anymore in a game where you need teamwork it is pretty bad. I still welcome them though because more traffic = more popularity = more new users overall unrelated to people from China.
  14. Very interesting. Did it got advertised there somewhere or was MO always famous in China? I somehow hope they do not go to YR because language barrier may become a huge problem, unless they speak English too Do you need YR to even play MO?
  15. Where do those 300 people playing Mental Omega come from? I am really curious on this.
  16. Some mod maps skip it, but I don't think its currently possible everywhere.
  17. More differences: in RA2 you can force a harrier or black eagle to go to any Air Force command by hovering over one and left clicking (you will see the 'enter' cursor'). In RA2mode and YR this was removed due to unknown reasons. Its actually pretty useful if you want your Herrier to go to a specific one of your Air Force Commands.. if this can be fixed, can it be fixed in YR too? --- A more useless difference and most likely seen as a bug: In RA2 you can set a rally point on your Air Force Command. This however is completely useless and doesn't work.
  18. New bug or at least very recent. Hard to see but these are black eagles with a bullet. Wrong and barely visible icon Other difference still (since we went hardcore RA2 mode now) 1) When you spam order a unit to do something, you will repeately hear the voice clips over and over in RA2. in YR (and RA2mode) it will wait until its completely over until a new one happens from same unit. Probably not possible to be changed, however. More posted this due to Black Eagle (and Harrier) bullet bug.
  19. Another record for YR. 350 online.
  20. Other difference: When capturing a tech building now you hear nothing anymore. If the purpose was to remove the 'Yuris's Revenge' additions which is hearing which type of tech building you did capture, RA2 still had the 'Tech Building Captured' sound when you did capture a tech building. Now you hear nothing.
  21. Noticed that the score background colour got weird since this change, or maybe earlier? RA2 mode: YR: EDIT: seems to only happen with the Soviet one.
  22. If you are building a refinery without one your miners will mine ore, even if its not build yet (on command of course). This might be what you mean.
  23. Moreee minor stuff. Ore Purifier still animates regardless of low power or not in RA2. In YR (and RA2mode) it no longer animates when you are low on power. The loading theme on RA2 mode is still the theme of YR (Bully Kit), not RA2 (Jank). Not sure if this can be changed or hardcoded in the client. Ditto for the score theme, which I think could actually be easier replaced, since score is not used in the 'BGM playlist', while loading is. When you have something mind controlled of a team that is defeated, the unit explodes/die in RA2. In YR you will keep it and if mind controlled yuri dies, becomes neutral hostile. When a neutral oil derrick (and any tech building I believe) is half destroyed, and its still from neutral, it starts moving in YR. This is not the case in RA2. I know this gets so minor that I doubt it will be made THIS authentic (as well as very unlikely events like the mind controlled defeat thing), but differences is differences.
  24. More things I remember: In vanilla RA2 civilian caps (taxis, etc) that are mind controlled do not get auto attacked if you move them to enemy base (except AI I believe). In YR and RA2mode it does. You could bring a school bus with 5 infantries with it and sneak on someone's base, this is no longer possible since it gets auto fired. This is very minor but differences are differences. Also, the Propaganda Truck civilian truck in the RA2 mission has an announcer speaking over and over. While this truck was only used in Single Player, the truck also had the same speech in Multiplayer if placed in map. in YR it was completely removed. In RA2 neutral hostile is friends with the AI, and in maps such as city under siege the gates open for them. This is no longer the case in YR. Yes, minor shit here but its differences
  25. I suggest removing the oil exploit. I still don't see many people do it, and wouldn't want that to happen if this bug is unfixable. Isn't this one exclusive to RA2 engine? I am very sure you can't move an MCV in YR when its deploying/undeploying unlike RA2 Ditto for this, unless its a different exploit then I am thinking of Rest is YR though
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