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  1. Don't play easy, they usually have no money. To get a lot you gotta play Brutal since they get like 4 times as much ore or something like that.
  2. The only time I ever had crash issues with the game is when I had a record program called 'Fraps' running in background. Fraps don't really like this game. I doubt you have that though, so that's probably not the issue.
  3. I saw it too when I was watching the video actually, heh. Anyway, I really like the videos myself since they help a bit for me, but I am a half average person, so yeah. As for QM on xwis you're right, they added a pack of new maps into the pool. However, back I was playing still you were not forced to enable it. I am not sure if they made it forced now.
  4. Ra2Nub

    Gameplay menu

    I believe most menu's in game you can actually edit using ResourceHacker. Even things like the famous 'Yuri's Revenge internal error' you can edit using that tool. However, the catch in 'most' is that the game play menu isn't included in this most. I am not sure how the game play is done, and I suspect it may be hardcoded, so not the easiest thing to edit. Edit: Screenshots of example. But yeah.. this is for pretty much all the menus in YR, except the game itself!
  5. Ra2Nub

    lag still

    You can't ask for a fix if you are the only user with the problem. I think we already suggested a lot of fixes and nothing worked out for you o.o Did you already tried a different machine, etc? Investigate if your issue is machine related or network.
  6. Immediately recognised the map they have used Very very cool
  7. In America its month day year. I am an european so I agree that from shortest to longest (day, month year) is superior, but just getting that out of way.
  8. Yeah they never really attack you unless you are literally near the T-rex (melee). Tbh they should agro you if you attack them, they don't. But maybe they don't because otherwise their movement patterns get messed up. The only other places T-rex were used really is 1 in Allied mission 2, and Soviet mission 1 where you need stop them (and have 1 in top left corner as an Easter egg which you can take )
  9. Today I had an interesting enemy. Won't name him, I am not here into the drama. But I am looking into answers how other see it. Basically, there's an official Westwood map named 'Monster Movie' In this map random T-rex enemies walk through the map here and there. Someone hosted this map and I played in it. I know by fact by playing this map many times before that the said T-rex enemies that walk give promotion when you kill them. What I did is put a seal in an IFV to fast kill them and promote the IFV. As expected I use the map to my advantage while also just normally playing it. When my enemy was killed he calls me out for 'bug abusing' even though 1) its part of the map and 2) Westwood gave the enemies experience. Am I in the wrong for taking the map to my advantage or was my enemy crying and findig an excuse to blame himself for the lose? After the game he did change the map and won on that 1. Without giving a second game he went 'of course you can only win by bug abusing' and kicked me out without even being a man and fight more. So... is this bug abusing or is this just using the map...? What is your view?
  10. Story: Never give up. Basically my ally got seal rushed to dead at begin and immediately left the game. I didn't give up by leaving too and instead had a nice challenge. As always, when you have people seal rushing they can't do much else. Therefor, I ended up win a 2 vs 1. Never leave on 2 vs 1 games. Sometimes its a fun challenge if its 2 average players.
  11. This. Your name isn't copyrighted. Just because they have a similar name as you doesn't mean they are you.
  12. Ra2Nub

    good ping and lag

    RA2 works the way that if 1 person lag in the room you will lag as well. If you have a good ping than you should not be the lagger, but someone in the room is. Do you also lag in 1 vs 1 with low ping?
  13. 230 now during weekday. Most likely another record coming this weekend.
  14. Yeah honestly I wonder if it irritate him. His favourite CnC game and his mod in general seems to be a bit.. quiet. Its very fortunate though he's wishing to work during his valueble time on clients for games he's not the biggest fan of, and that will forever be very appreciated!
  15. Long live YR. I see RA1 is doing fantastic too (300+ online). its unfortunate I aint a fan of it, but good thing I am fan of the middle terrain, meaning YR has right now the second biggest user count, TS being lower (which I aint a fan of either) and TD (probably just too old of a game).
  16. Ra2Nub

    Re: Update Changelog

    I don't know if game speed was need to be made faster as default. Literally every game plays it on fastest. Fortunately you can change it in game so in end I don't care and if a host forget it I'll just do that. But a lot see this as lag and quit the game, trust me it happened before.
  17. What has changed in .64 and .65? Sorry for always asking since there's no notes :>
  18. He talk about this beta I guess: http://ladder.cncnet.org/#/yr'>http://ladder.cncnet.org/#/yr / http://ladder.cncnet.org/#/ Shows points and win/losses.
  19. Ra2Nub

    RedAlert2 mode

    Thanks for explanation! Hopefully they give time at some point to port it over, even minor polishing is very important for games ------ More differences (yeah, I am going through everything right now, even though I am not even that big fan of authentic RA2 over YR) -Allied Service Depot can sell units when you put them on repair in RA2. Doing so will make EVA say "Unit sold". This is not possible in CnCnet RA2 and has been 'patched' in YR 1.001. RA2: Ra2 CnCnet: YR 1.001 patch note: Never understood myself why only allied could do this (since if Soviet had it they had a kind of grinder like in YR but in RA2, which is kinda cool I guess), but in YR 1.001 they decided to strip the feature completely from the game. I don't know if they removed it from the game code. ----- EDIT: This is a bug in both authentic RA2 and CnCnet RA2 but all navel shipyards should be powered = no The reason to this is because the animation of navel shipyard get extremely buggy if you repair units with it while you're low on power. Now you may think 'but you can't repair units anymore this is good!' Here's the thing: you still can. This was fixed in YR by making it powered = no (so it still animates while you're low on power, thus not get buggy). I see this more as a bug than trying to be authentic, so I report it as such. Screenshot:
  20. Ra2Nub

    RedAlert2 mode

    I get this 100% of the time and only in RA2 mode and never in CnCnet YR mode. Are you sure this is an original game bug? I have never seen it in authentic YR nor RA2, only in CnCnet RA2 mode. To add more into it when you put concripts into buildings they show up as 'purple' so basically all the icons are just swapped around it seems for units in buildings and units in other units (helis, transports, etc...) I mean its not that I don't believe you but I have just never had this bug in modes outside RA2 mode, and it also happens 100% of the time, always in RA2 mode.
  21. Ra2Nub

    RedAlert2 mode

    More differences. Double posting on purpose so both posts get noticed. -Yuri makes a sound when you create him, this doesn't happen in authentic RA2 -Any kind of civilian car gets auto attacked in CnCnet RA2, this doesn't happen in authentic RA2 (mostly famous for the school bus trick where you silently drop units without notice of enemy, or ivans to create a bomb bus) This was made auto attack in authentic YR. I know a map (Extra Small) where a car from a crate doesn't auto fire, so this should still be possible in YR engine. -Putting units in Cloning vats makes a sound in CnCnet RA2, this doesn't happen in authentic RA2 Not sure if possible but maybe as bonus in RA2 mode change in ThemeMD the score music to match with RA2's (replace YR's completely may work?) or remove also YR's soundtrack in RA2mode and only enable RA2's. I love both soundtracks but this is for those that want it 'authentic' so badly. Same goes for loading theme (which is jank in original RA2) EDIT: Minor text fixes
  22. Ra2Nub

    RedAlert2 mode

    Since people keep complain about authentic Ra2 yet refuses to report the differences, here's some few more minor things I noticed for ages but nobody reports it, visual related The visual for units in buildings and units are incorrect. Authentic Ra2 (Engineer, Gi, Tanya inside: CnCnet Ra2: Tanya is seen as blue dot, Gi red, and Engineer the green icon Authentic YR has same as authentic Ra2 ---------- For buildings there's similar issue: Authentic RA2 (all units in building show green): CnCnet Ra2: Green icon but not the authentic RA2 one YR (with Gi's inside): (For Concripts it show red, for Initiate it show purple) I don't really care if it will be fixed to how YR does it or how authentic RA2 does it, but its wrong now eitherway in CncNet RA2 These bugs exist since I've been started here (over a year ago) but never bothered (like other I guess) to report it. If people want authentic RA2 so badly they really should report these.
  23. Was nice to see 238+ YR players online yesterday Hopefully I have time soon again to play too. Let's go to 300!
  24. Ra2Nub

    Lost Temple?

    Is Lost Temple the literal name of the map? I can look if I got it since I still got all the maps from when I played on xwis.
  25. I guess user friendly is a better term. A casual user installs Ra2, play, go to internet, go to create an account and find out nothing works but Ra2 keep saying 'connecting'. One would think the game is too old and think the multiplayer mode is discontinued, one may research and find out you need make an account at XWIS even though there's still a (non functional) create account inside the game UI. Is it complicated once you figured it out? No, but it surely isn't user friendly.
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