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  1. Wasn't this fine before the new client though? I remember when I joined here the RA2 mode art was fine, the new client came out, and suddenly the art reverted to YR again and never got fixed since Other thing if I remember right: Tanya's dead sound is from YR in RA2 mode, not RA2. Things that I prefer not removed but is different: -Hospital heals units all the time instead of 1 unit entering like in RA2
  2. Just copy paste a clean RA2 folder and keep 1 you use to modify. RA2 is such a small game that its not an issue having two of them, if you really have issues with CnCnet detecting you as a cheater.
  3. I think the title of this thread better fits 'the different kind of playergroups in CnCnet' Even the original RA2 supported mod maps, so I am not sure how playing an unofficial map is not 'playing the game how it is meant to be played' I kind of play everything, except ladder. I am about average. The reason why I do not play as much official maps vs veterans is purely because I do not really have fun playing games with people way above my skill range, while unofficial maps or official maps like dune patrol are played with okay people, which means less stress and less srsbusiness. I play Sadona as well from time to time, and what I noticed negative about this map when I took a half year or so break, is that now everyone plays this map with Superweapons off. This map is do-able with SW on, but when its off its one big boring camp fest, and on most part shit. For anyone that host Sadona and read this: please host with SW on again. P.S: I am surprised you didn't put a list of 'Extra Small' noobs. That map is dominating CnCnet as much Funny big map 4 was dominating XWIS, when it comes to custom maps. TL:DR: Everyone plays games a different way. A lot of RTS games had custom map features, most famous would be Warcraft 3. The custom map possibility with that game is/was insane, and added countless hours of additional replay value when it comes to online play.
  4. For starters just make a filter that not ANY map can have an identical name as the official maps. With just that filter you already shape off 99% of the cheated maps, where people are now forced to put an extra character or space in the identical map name, which is very easy to spot. Its already very easy spot in general because the map preview will be very ugly, and you never have to download an official map, but if they can't have an identical name anymore as the official maps it helps a lot too, since that's how they put people off-guard.
  5. Can confirm the Gap recon error is a thing, and indeed since day one. There's times at Sedona it happens if someone nuke someone with a gap, usually at the first frame the nuke does damage the game recon, but its very inconsistent and surely don't happen all time. Usually I hear the 'low power' sound when the recon appears EDIT: Gotta say though this haven't happened since a bit, but it surely happened before, at least about 5 times for me.
  6. Title. In CnCnet you can still build a Refinery, this is incorrect. Furthermore, in CnCnet you do not get Engineers as starting units, in vanilla you do. CnCNet: Vanilla: I am probably going through all game modes since I am pretty sure some other are still incorrect as well, including some very minor stuff in RA2 mode.
  7. Fair points made, I agree. Perhaps its more a picky thing from me in 1 vs 1's and I need remember to unlock the room
  8. Been back after a long MIA and being busy, see many client improvements have been made, nice! One thing that bothered me a lot is when you kick someone the room doesn't auto unlock. Many times I stare at screen to only notice 10 minutes later that the room is still locked. I wonder if its hard or difficult to make kicking auto unlock the room. Cheers!
  9. Its not really freezing, but more invisible state. Try move your mouse to the go back to game button and it should go back to normal. For #2 move your mouse to end game button and same happens, it should unfreeze and end game normally. Yes, I am aware you can't see your mouse, you need do it in your mind. though yeah this is a Windows 8/10 issue and I am pretty sure there's no solution that fixes YR 100% for W10.
  10. Out of curiosity but what is the top 5 countries that play over CnCnet as a whole? I am still busy myself so been playing less :<
  11. Can confirm it works fine on Vista, so should be in list.
  12. Ra2Nub

    Annoying load issues.

    Sorry I haven't played in while due to being busy. I can't really tell how the first user get infected in this state, but when I join an infected room it indeed try download the map. The preview map looks exactly like the official map but washed out (no .png preview) and the map is named 'unnamed map'. I haven't really tried yet to purposely host in an infected state to see if nobody will load (due to issues), so I can't really comment about that either. I am also not sure yet if changing maps un-bugs you, but on host screen it surely still says 'unnamed map' as you can see on the screenshots. Honetly I should have exprimented more after I did trigger it using 2 machines, and if I ever get it again I really want to.
  13. I admit, that made me laugh. Nice you gave the link, I love statistics :3
  14. Yeah the random in RA2 and being able to select Yuri in general is something that badly need be fixed in regards of RA2mode. If there's a random only RA2 mode and 3 vs 3, it only take 1 person to roll yuri for the room to completely crash.
  15. Can you upload client.log after crashing?
  16. Update to SP2 and download directX10. I run this game on vista, but had to update to SP2.
  17. The latest patch (3.0.48) was supposed to remove the YR cursor. If you play one game and quit the game, both cursors will appear on the client and will stay forever. Its super trippy since it shows how much 'laggier' the YR one is.
  18. As of today's update the problem is half fixed. However, the chatbox still unfocus if you pick a country, etc and I honestly think there's no reason it should unfocus at all. Seeing I always pick country first and say hi if someone says hi, the issue is not truly fixed yet for me. Again this is minor though but I hope its possible to just make it always focused in game lobby.
  19. YR works for me on W10. The only issue I have is that I can't open the menu while in-game. You can change it so that works, but then you can't alt tab. I just use an old machine to play this game instead.
  20. I am talking about normal chatting, not PM's.
  21. Is there maybe a way to make it always interacted? Right now its pretty annoying to join a room, someone say hi, I need move my mouse to the already small box to finally be able to type. However, then when I click somewhere like changing my country I need do the process again. I see no reason to not make it always focused since you don't need to use the keyboard for other reasons, at the lobby. If above can't be done, what about if you press enter that it activate?
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