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  1. This is intentional and is 'YR-like' Basically Westwood put settings in their missions and now the client is properly coded to read those settings.
  2. One last bit of testing I did: Is the map already The Alamo after starting but game still running? Answer: No. However, if you kill the game with task manager and client focused, you will see that as soon the client no longer see you are in-game it changes to The Alamo as expected, which is the bug. So basically something causes the client to change the map to 'The Alamo' for players on custom maps after the client see your YR game client has closed.
  3. TL;DR version: So basically something causes the client to change the map to 'The Alamo' for players on custom maps after the client see your YR game client has closed. Seeing this is even more common then the load issues, I decided to use 2 machines to help devs to fix it, since this is also slightly annoying bug that renders many load issues if host don't refresh the map. So after a lot of testing, this is how I can replicate this bug. Issue: After a game the map reverts back to The Alamo Issue documented: Upon completing a game, the map goes to the first map in the list, pauses, then goes back to the custom map. The documented bug is bit different then actual truth. Research: 1) The map only reverts back to The Alamo on custom maps 2) The map reverts to The Alamo as soon the client detects your game is no longer running (non-host only) 3) The map stays on The Alamo UNTIL the host changes something, which then it reverts back to the proper map 4) If the host comes back PRIOR to the player(s), the map stays on The Alamo forever. If the player comes back first THEN the host, the map changes back to the proper map automatically (refers as 'pauses' in the dev logs), but still takes couple seconds. I guess the host send some sort of packet to let the players know he's back, which also 'refreshes' the map/room state. From all the testing this happens 100% of time. This should really be easy to replicate. To replicate: 1) Create a room and let your other machine join it 2) Put it on a custom map (one that needs to be downloaded or is downloaded) 3) Start the game 4) End it and let the host quit their client first, then the player 5) The map now stays on The Alamo until the host changes ANYTHING to the room 6) If the host doesn't change anything and start in this buggy state, the game will not start for the people bugged and freeze at loading
  4. Ra2Nub

    Annoying load issues.

    I removed client.log one more time just in case and also got rid of all my custom maps, and right away joined that bugged room again. This time I see 'Unknown' instead of Unnamed map and nothing happens: Last logs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8gSFgpT3dl3d3g4MERFR2J6T0U/view?usp=sharing
  5. Ra2Nub

    Annoying load issues.

    Finally got a clean log. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8gSFgpT3dl3TjhSNlgwMVZWNnc/view?usp=sharing Started up CnCnet > Joined the 'broken' room. The room was Sedona Pass but it was named Unnamed map and the usual what I did put above. The game also tried again to download the map. It tried that when I joined, and it tried after when I closed the client, re-opened, and joined the same room. Hopefully this helps to see in logs what the game try to do and why its called Unnamed map. EDIT: Apparently more got logged even though I restarted the client once.
  6. Ra2Nub

    Annoying load issues.

    Finally saw a host again that was in this buggy state, still no logs though because I had the client open for really long and I suppose it wouldn't helped. Join room: Lobby: When I make the room (when you create a room it take the stats of the last room you were in): A note that when a host is in this state the game mode is usually something random as well, which I am pretty sure isn't done by the host. This is a reply to my 'research' earlier: I still think this is the cause of the load issues, but need gather logs and maybe a way to replicate it. However, if any setting isn't matching with the host when you start it seems you just fail to load during game.
  7. It happened now 2 times in past week (and more so in past) that when I (or someone) destroy a Gap Generator the game goes instant Reconnection Error. This seems a rare error, but if I had to guess the game suspect the person is map hacking because when you destroy a gap the fog is immediately gone, and I guess sometimes it lag and get confused. This also happens at times if someone nuke a base and the person gets low power, the gap fog goes away and instant after that the room recon. Sync file of the game that did recon on me after destroying a gap: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8gSFgpT3dl3NmdpWnNoUHFvZzg/view While I say it may be lag, the game above was 100% lag free and a 1 vs 1. I was the one that destroyed the gap.
  8. Ra2Nub

    Annoying load issues.

    Gathered some more info for me and other; ISSUE: It seems a lot of times people see a map as the official map, but its named *Unnamed* and has not the 'high quality' map preview. If the host start with someone that doesn't have the proper map visually displayed, he will not load. It seems the host sometimes have re-select the map otherwise the person won't see the map. By joining, or by being in-game. This doesn't happen to everyone at same time but for those where it does happen the person will not load. When I join with someone in this state the server will just download the map, so some official maps are now in my custom folder (lol), so this is I am pretty sure the issue with the loading lately. However, even after downloading the map it will be named 'unnamed' in the lobby and I will not load once it starts. Still no screenshots or logs, but if I get the issue I will take a SS asap for reference and try to get the logs. I personally got the issue a few times already too. EDIT: And I still think this is a very recent new problem. Like, either this version or very recent, but surely not when 3.0 was released. Although there were already issues with things like the map reverting to 'The Alamo' after a game, and if nothing changes map related and the host starts, the game will also starts with a crash or no loading. Basically, there are issues with syncing the map properly in 3.0.
  9. Ra2Nub

    Annoying load issues.

    I should also add this doesn't happen all time, but it does happen much more lately.
  10. Ra2Nub

    Annoying load issues.

    Since the latest version I've noticed A LOT of people including me for first time don't load. Seeing it even happens to me, for first time since I've started (2 years ago by now) its bit concerning that there's issues with current version. Yesterday I didn't load for 3 times (Only I loaded), and if I load there's someone else in the room not loading, suddenly much more often then it was previous versions of 3.0. I am now trying get 7 games going and everytime someone doesn't load. This can't be coincidence. Don't have logs yet etc, but gathering info if more people are having load issues lately. Load issues is being stuck at loading where either 1) Nobody but you loads or 2) Someone else doesn't load. Anyone? EDIT: Should add its 2 vs 2 ~ 3 vs 3 games where I have issues.
  11. Ra2Nub

    lan function?

    MO 3.3 is Mental Omega, which is a mod for YR. In the same sentence he says 'original' as in YR vanilla...
  12. Ra2Nub

    RA2 mode Client 3.0

    Heh wasn't aware random still rolls on it, but makes sense. I reported it back during beta testing Topic for reference: https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=6503.0 Got no reply though.
  13. Interesting. Never saw things like scripts being able to be possible by just building something, fun. Probably the only setting matters is 'skip score screen' since I doubt that need to be used, and rather Grant want the client to just close immediately after the test.
  14. This was supposed to be fixed already according to the status update. To help the devs, please trigger the error, close the client, and upload client.log so they can find out possibly why it happens.
  15. And again I tell you WHAT isn't working? I get what you mean, but for a developer standpoint you are not specific at all. Does it not transfer properly? Do you get an error? Do you have any logs after said error? Etc. EDIT: I looked around and I guess you get the generic 'failed to transfer error' in the lobby. That's what some people tell about here. And you updated to latest version? So you still get a black box preview? Again you aint specific. 'not functional' is not clear for people, especially if it works fine for 'some' users, including me. I am aware I sound rude but its only to help the devs here to pin-point the issue better. Trust me, 'not working' is useless for them when it does for some, or most.
  16. You need be specific for the developers so they can look into it. What is not working properly about it? I've already downloaded new maps under the new client. Very sure this is fixed already, it is for me. AFAIK you can play the same maps in different modes and the reason they probably locked it is because YR did so I believe. However, this limit the people that play random teams I guess (random spawns and allying in-game based on left vs right) No comment on this one. Its very mixed based on host if on or off's are hosted. QM was off, so I guess default should be off. The message should be changed in general. The message now also happens on different versions, while on the old client it would state 'Person x is on incompatible version *older version*. He may have compatibility issues" while now the person is being 'threaten' as a cheater right away. I am not sure if it isn't working however, or if people that get it are indeed playing on an older version (or the host is). Regardless, the message STRING need to be changed IMO. Suggested it to Rampastring already and pretty sure he will implement it at the top nav bar!
  17. Ra2Nub

    Kaboom error

    The first time it happened right after game end, the second time I believe it randomly happened in game lobby. I try pay attention to it next time when I get it again.
  18. Ra2Nub

    Kaboom error

    Got this twice today, so I guess I'll report it Logs: https://docs.google.com/uc?authuser=0&id=0B8gSFgpT3dl3UFY4dnpOUWZjS0E&export=download [unrelated] BTW I told during testing that on my vista PC the main theme doesn't work. I guess its also displayed in the logs "04.12. 13:36:41.027 Loading song Yuri Theme\MainMenuTheme failed! Message: Unable to find an entry point named 'MFCreateSourceResolver' in DLL 'Mfplat.dll'.
  19. Update your Windows XP to Service Pack 3. If that doesn't help, then I don't know what it could be. Maybe a Pentium III with the rest of the platform doesn't cut it anymore. well it was working fine before the update :/ i dont want to update it, This is a whole new client. So yeah, if nothing works, nothing you can do. Even my old ass vista still works fine with new client (after I had to get DirectX11. Windows XP and Pentium III is way too old. This is 2016...
  20. Ra2Nub


    DirectX11? To help, you can look at your DirectX if you click start > Run > dxdiag From there you see a window that say "DirectX version" which should be 11.
  21. LOL. Barely any hack besides the obvious ones are detected there. The only thing saving xwis's ass when it comes to cheating is the auto SS.
  22. Heh another person confused by the misleading homepage... Anyway, CnCnet doesn't support RA2's client. HOWEVER, CnCnet has Ra2 mode under the YR engine which means you play YR but can only build the RA2 stuff and play under the RA2 rules. You need YR to play CnCnet and from there you make a room and select 'Red Alert 2 mode'
  23. Lmao, I am surprised. Well, glad THAT is solved. P.S: I recommend DXTory over Fraps. I used fraps since 2007 but DXTory is just much smoother and doesn't crash RA2/YR. I am not sure if it can record YR though, never used fraps nor DXtory for YR, but other games rather.
  24. Ra2Nub

    lag still

    That explains your spelling and the substandard quality of your posts. Was already wondering what was wrong. That does not fly around here. Keep up with that bullshit and you won't be around for very long. Consider that your warning. me? No, he means Alex for being extremely racist.
  25. CncNet only supports YR. I never really understood why the homepage of CnC even states RA2 when you click RA2 it goes to YR. That's confusing and not user friendly. Instead the YR page should just state in their features 'Supports original RA2 mode" (which is RA2 under the YR engine), and RA2 should not even be listed since its unsupported. Anyway, to answer the question. You need to have RA2 and YR original installed on your PC and than download YR's client from CnCnet to play. There's no RA2 only here.
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