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  1. He literally show you the memory addresses your trainer/hack writes to client... Also, why are you so cocky/protecting (what seems to be) your hacking tool? First you support in this thread you want the hacking tool (Build all) patched and now you waste the staff's time in proving proof how they patched your hacking tool. Sounds like a bit of a hypocritical twisted mind.
  2. Looks very awesome and I am very thankful that you are willing to make one for YR even though you are not the greatest fan of it. <3 --- The old client has updated to 2.49 today so here's feedback of that: Fixed: Multiple lines by people ONLY. Internal messages are still 1 line only (Screenshot of bug: https://i.gyazo.com/04dcf4e1bc65f088038a469af9e1314a.png Fixed: Map name position is now okay Unconfirmed: Reconnection errors. So far I havn't got any yet at beginning of game, but had one during middle of game on an official map, so I believe this one was actually not false positive and someone tried screwing the game (Screenshot: https://i.gyazo.com/8013677842483534b9dec58f4258c7c9.png No new bugs appeared as far as I know, so with alone 2 things being fixed (1 being unconfirmed), I am positive about this update so far.
  3. I've semi recently learnt about this trick on a video, but I have questions about it. Is it seen as glitch abuse/bug abuse or is it permitted to be used? I see it as extremely useful obviously since you can repair Black Eagles much faster than normally, but I have no clue if this was intended or not, and most likely it wasn't since you need do trickery to make them land on the service depot and repair themselves But are there any problems/issues if people/myself do use it? Any opinions from the CnCnet staff?
  4. People already use skype, teamspeak, discord, etc. A public voice chat is terrible, and only end up with swearing and other trash talk. I vote No.
  5. This is a global issue right now, and happens for everyone, so you're good now
  6. Ra2Nub

    Mad noobs player

    Of course there's no drama on XWIS. How can there be drama if there's no players? This is a game from 2001. People that play xwis need have a valid serial. In many stores around the world you can't really buy this game anymore. Yes, you can online, but someone that is new wouldn't really buy a game from 2001 (due to how generation changed and only play games like CoD). CnCnet on other hand support this for 'free', meaning a valid serial is not required. With this in mind you'll automatic get more new players trying out the game than xwis will and ever will get. xwis only has/have old veterans left, who as expected are more of a good sport. Its a natural thing that new players usually shout CHEATER and stuff if a pro player uses strats the noobs don't know. I don't say this is a good thing, but it is how it is.
  7. The client has supported multiple themes for 3 years. Just compare the following: http://rampastring.cnc-comm.com/cncnet/newclient/cncnetgamelobby_topbar.png http://rampastring.cnc-comm.com/cncnet/newclient/classictheme.png (Those themes have just visual changes, but themes can have different layouts as well - for a YR theme it'd be possible to move the buttons to the sides and give them a texture similar to what they had in YR, and re-arrange the rest of the game lobby to compensate for that) Never knew about this, now I do. Just checked in the options of YR client and there's indeed a 'client theme' option, but there's only 1 named 'Yuri's Revenge'. So even with the multiple theme option when 2.4x came out, the old theme just got removed and replaced, which is unfortunate. if both will be pickable in the next client (which is done by Grant, I know), it would be perfect, instead of forcing us to deal with one or another
  8. I ran a Private Server before (for different games) and just because a staff member know how hacks work doesn't mean he created them. Its very important as a staff member to know how things work, so you know also how to patch them. I still agree with you that the hack should be patched as soon as possible, but a staff member knowing how a hack works is only good.
  9. I said close to the original YR client UI, not original YR UI The client's UI is very customizable so Grant could make the client look a lot like YR's UI though, if he wants that is. However, I won't be making that UI since I personally don't play YR and want to focus my efforts on DTA. I'm happy as long the YR client runs and it can be used for playing games reliably and with a decent user experience. My bad, heh. Well, I also liked your old YR client UI, I just don't like the 2.4x UI, so hopefully once the default UI get used again it will not be modified again (by Grant) for the worse. If it does, make it a setting or something which UI we can use (something you obviously don't have to/will implement), or let people vote. If everyone prefer/liked the 2.4x UI than I can accept it, but barely anyone uses the forums that play YR apparently. I will wait now for the client and we'll see than how everything goes
  10. Yeesss! Use the authentic layout! Not only will we be better then xwis, but people can't say anymore 'waaa in xwis you have the authentic client and it feels more nostalgic' We will win on both sides. if you can make the layout, the UI, and graphics identical how the online was on YR (similar how the UI is authentic right now when you select skirmish, cncnet, etc) I would 100% love it, and it makes it feel like you play the old YR online again, but of course higher resolution in mind, since the window isn't stuck on 800x600 (like in YR) Keep up the great work and as long its better then current 2.4x client I am happy.
  11. That's fantastic news. I have just read by looking at his history that he's indeed making a new client. Send a love letter from me to him that he's doing a great job and hopefully its much better than the current client is I will patiently wait. Sorry for being an ass, it was just frustration.
  12. While I see you trying make people pay for hacks that no longer will work, don't you think its worse you are giving the creator that created the hack more money? I would patch it as soon as you can so he can't make money out of a hack. Selling hacks is already a low go, and I think you should aim for the person gaining money out of it, not the idiots buying it. Good to hear you can patch it though. This is why CNCNet will always be much more ahead than xwis ever will.
  13. It went below 100 because of the update that was pushed and notified everyone to update. Tried experimental updates tonight to which were reported to be causing issues, so rolled back. Is there any reason why we can't just go back to how it was in 2.3x? This was before there were a lot of issues, or even better; before the UI changes, which is when it was even better (besides Persistent Game Lobby not being defaulted). I really want play your game again because I love it (and sorry for frustration), but the updates were only for worse, and if you have any explanation why you can't just revert to code from 2.3x (like behind the scene changes) I don't see why not to do it while looking behind scene into the bugs that were reported in 2.4x, so we have a stable client meanwhile, since its really unstable right now, like Ankarar saying its very sluggy and slow. Kabooms (if that is reason to not revert) is not any less either. They still appear as often, or a slight bit less. But I rather kaboom at times then sitting in frustration from non-stop recon errors, slow in-room selections, and the awful UI.
  14. Tired of waiting personally. I just wait until they finally fixed (or reverted), until then I take a break. Its literally unplayable. I mean jeez I wonder why user count of YR went to low 100 around peak unlike 180+ month or so ago. No clue guys, but let's keep it like this and don't revert it, if we don't have time to fix it.
  15. Wish it just go back to the UI and functionality when I joined half year or so ago. The only thing I think improved is that "Persistent Game Lobby" is now defaulted, but that's actually it. I really dislike personally the UI changes going on. The main thing where you press 'skirmish' 'cncnet' etc is very nice and is 100% replicate of Yuri's revenge, but rest is doing a really poor job trying to be 'modern' but even if it was modern, this is a 2001 game. It should look more retro, and the older UI was much superior. Old ui: Everything is nice, readable, credits options etc are not extremely ugly white boxes, map name is not too far to right. the buttons actually look more modern and professional to me, nice checkboxes. The only thing that looks a bit generic is the kick/ban button. Now the new UI: Buttons became very generic bland looking which make me want pull my eyes out, like I said the options are white ugly boxes, a lot of placement bugs, 'chat rules' that are not needed for adults playing a 2001 game, and so on... Also, I don't know if its just me, but the client in general take 3 times longer to load now. Also, auto login has been removed for whatever reason. V3 is not even joking around it being downgrades lately, it really is. PLEASE revert back to the old UI or fix the major issues it has right now, because its disgusting. EDIT: And obviously the feature based issues (ex: reconnection errors) need be fixed too, but that's clear by now.
  16. I have unfortunately not any good news to uncover. Reconnection errors still happen on new maps: The map in case you wonder: And multiple lines still don't work for me, not sure how it did for someone else: Also, windows still can't be resized again. I always max my window during map preview so I could see everything beautifully. Now that the window is fixed size I can't anymore. Please enable this again, I see it as a critical bug, since I can't make proper strategies before game start.
  17. Ra2Nub

    RedAlert2 mode

    If it stays in 1 client like now it will not. If it becomes 2 separate clients it will. If it stays one than nevermind my comment. If it would become two clients than I am still against even getting the Ra2 client to work, because it will split. Right now people can join both Ra2 mode games and YR mode games at same time, and that's very nice. If that is still possible with Ra2 than I am less so against it, but I still don't really see point since quiet frankly I prefer the YR engine much more personally. Also this. Desolator under bridges, self spy.. all patched in YR. But if that's patchable with a modified client, yay. I personally prefer YR (but hate Yuri country since its so OP), which is probably why I see getting someone to make Ra2spawner to work a waste of time, since I like how Ra2mode is right now. Useless Tech building like the hospital (which is the biggest waste of a tech building in Ra2 ever) actually is useful still in Ra2 mode while keeping the units like Ra2. Basically, cncnet Ra2 mode is right now a hybrid of YR and Ra2 and I love it much more than vanilla Ra2. Improved voices, new (and old) soundtrack, units do not repeat their voice each click until its over, bug fixes, Tech Hospital isn't useless.. etc. But I see some want a 100% authentic Ra2 and I don't blame them.
  18. Ra2Nub

    RedAlert2 mode

    Found a hacky solution for this. When you have units selected and mass press T than select a building it WILL select all the buildings like normally in RA2, and can rally point all of them at same time as expected. Also, for the people that want RA2 from the RA2 client.. why? It will only split the community and RA2 mode from YR is almost identical as RA2 authentic besides a few changes here and there, such as units voices, which should not be reverted back to its original RA2 generic sounds. Its fine how it is now TBH.
  19. EDIT: I take my comment back. Every single game today is giving reconnection errors.
  20. This PLEASE. When you get a new map and it 'loaded' I used to change size so its no longer bugged, but also when you put your window on full screen you can see the map much better. With the size locked now this feature has been removed basically and is a very high priority IMO to fix up. Other suggestions: -When you are ready (or server sees you ready since it lags at times) grey out the ready button. I keep mass press the button because I am never sure when I am ready and the hosts don't like it very much -This used to be in old client, which kicked me many times, so not sure if its still there. But when you are ready and press the ready button again the host sees again you did press the button. Probably a good combination of the first suggestion to either not show again you pressed ready or to grey out the button -Lobby room info text is way too small like some mentioned -I dislike the new 'powered by gamesurge' all over the lobby. This info is suppose to be at the login or client launcher or something. Why did this unnecessary information replace the online information how many people are in chat and online? (Old: https://i.gyazo.com/00f719a8be2ce4c56ad2a3b3135d0e5d.png) -I dislike the removal of auto login. Why? Now when I press 'cncnet' I need press login another time because auto login has been removed. Again, unnecessary removal. Also, this is where the 'powered by gamesurge' should be, not the lobby. Overall in general I LOVE The improvements of lag and ping and such, but I really think the UI is going downhill since the first 'modern changes' and its now getting even worse. Also, months ago I remember thanking cncnet for providing the services to play the old games again, so let me end this 'pretty negative' post with another. I am still playing and I love playing Yuri's Revenge again! Thanks a lot for that. xwis sucks.
  21. One kaboom I know how to replicate: -After your game ends immediately press exit in the room lobby (basically before it fully loads) and you'll crash ---- I have general question about kabooms. What makes them need to re-load the client? Many times when I kaboom I watch the client (like not pressing the ok button) and I still see everything going on. The people talk, the host stuff still changes, etc. What makes a kaboom's client state that it need to close it completely? One time I was ready and kaboom'd and I waited for fun out of it and the game started! Isn't there a way to make kabooms more an error in like chatbox that an error happened instead of closing the whole client? At some point it gets very annoying, but if the client gets in an unstable state than perhaps you guys got reasons why you need fully restart it.
  22. Bump. Still need help.
  23. I don't know if this issue is solved in the test version (doubt it, since not everyone has this issue), but I can't upload maps for other to download. When I upload a new map and someone join, this happens: This even happens when someone try DL it from same IP, so I am curious if this is easy to resolve in a way or not. ------------------------------------ Also, I have a lot of updating errors lately. When I check the CnCnet when this happens the whole site is down as well, so I assume CnCNet is just unstable lately. Any explanations why this is? Sometimes it takes me hours to finally get past the updating, to than get a kaboom and have to re-do the process.
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