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  1. About to boot it up rn, i'll report back in a bit. ALSO, I know i've been asking around alot about my game overflowing the screen, it's something to do with hdmi, so for now i just set my second monitor (VGA) to be the primary display and the games fit fine. Thanks. After 10 minutes of play: Very smooth, very very nice. Only Issue I've seen so far is that if you save, the save window kind of glitches out and you can see through it, and then the menu becomes invisible, you can still click resume game and everything is fine after.
  2. LivesParkk

    Menus Freezing

    I've tried to use DDrawCompat for both Tibsun and TibDawn, they don't appear in the Config for either. However, I did put the new tibdawn launcher into the folder, and i haven't had a menu freeze up for the last hour. EDIT: I've been using CCConfigFull and ddrawcompat wasn't wshowing up there, using CCConfig it appears, thanks.
  3. LivesParkk

    Menus Freezing

    How do you use ddrawcompat, do you replace the existing ddraw.dll in the folder?
  4. How would I go about using this? I moved the .dll into my game directory. I checked in tsconfig but I don't see it as a render method, wondering how I would select it.
  5. LivesParkk

    Menus Freezing

    Hey, after running CNC95 for a bit, it always starts to stutter, and from then on I am not able to see my mouse moving in any menus. I can still interact with them, but the menus just don't update and I can't see the mouse moving. I tried diasbling cnc DDraw but then I am unable to run the game. I tried adjusting compatibility settings for windows 98, 95, Xp, etc but i get an "Error: unable to set the video mode", without CNCDDraw on I get "Error, tried to reference memory at X but could not be read. Anyone got any suggestions? This is a Windows 10 PC. As a secondary issue i am only able to run TiberianSun at 1920 x1080 without parts of the screen being cut off, but this is far too high a resolution and everythign is very small. I tried other 16X9 resolutions and parts of the screen are cut off. Anyone know how I can fix this?
  6. I managed to finally get the entire game to display without any parts cut off, but in order to do so i have to render it at 1920x1080 (The resolution of my monitor). This makes the game extremely small (so small that my dad finds it too hard to see). I tried setting the render to another 16x9 resolution (1280x720, 1600x900) but those resolutions still cut off vital parts of the screen (like the money at the top). I have attached my current settings to this post. Anyone know how I can render the game so that it is bigger, without cutting off the edges of the screen ( I can post a picture of what i mean by it being cut off if you need).
  7. I understand that and I tried it but no luck.
  8. Can you suggest what settings to use within the tsconfig? I played around with my scaling options for the game itself on my graphics card (Center, full panel, etc) and through a combination of that and resolutions in tsconfig, I managed to get the entire game to display and I could see my money, but the game was crammed in the very corner. The Screen itself is 1920x1080 and I'm trying to run the game cuts off the very top and bottom regardless of whether i try to run it at that ddefinition or not. I have 150% windows scaling, and 6% hdmi scaling through my graphics card (The graphics card scaling affects the physical size of what is actually displayed on my monitor, while windows scaling is the actual size of objects). Any suggestions on what i'm doing wrong because I feel like I'm so close to getting this fixed, but I tried all 3 high dpi settings on the compatibility tab and no luck.
  9. Im not sure why, but the very top and bottom of the screen are cut off in tibsun making it so that I can't see my money in game. I don't know how to fix it, I tried messing around with different resolutions, not sure what i'm missing.
  10. Perfect! Any Suggestions on my resolution issues with Tiberian Sun? I have another forum post going about that.
  11. LivesParkk

    Tiberian Dawn Help

    I am running the Origin version of Tiberian Dawn. Surprisingly, the game runs fine on it's own. I would, however, like to use Nyergud's patch as it has some things in it I would like to use. When trying to run the game after installing the patch (and changing no settings in ccconfig) the game crashes upon startup, saying that the instruction X referenced memory at X and the memory could not be read from. Anyone have any tips?
  12. Hello there. I managed to get tiberian sun working on my 64 bit windows 10 computer with the complete collection using a combination of the graphics patch and the tspatch. The only issue is, the very top and bottom of the screen are cut off, which would be fine except it completly cuts off my balance. I have no idea how to fix this, I've tried playing around w3ith resolution options in ts patch, i've tried editing resolutions in sun.ini but I just can't figure it out. Can you help me with this? EDIT: The resolution i have it set at works fine in windowed mode, it's just when i try and play fullscreen (And I play fullscreen)
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