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Hungry Mike

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Lol @ haters

explain why I win consistently vs most of them then?


so many salty low IQ players punching holes on their wall cuz you get called out for failing early game inf.



ask mola who “ got lucky” vs him in 2 of the last 3 1v1s we played... and only lost the 1st game cuz I thought I was playing ender. 

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Just now, |Noob| said:

Maybe But no he can't win against Mola (Aka WeaponX)

And in Fact the top 3 players might even get a 100% win against him

Energy depend never saw him play but according to Mola it depends on how Energy plays

All of those players mentioned in that list By Mox

 They are all better than Black

And if u speak of nothing else but giants (Which is a map that needs to be deleted)

then yea u can put Black on top

On all other maps other than giants i mean GSO etc these players can easily win against Black

Well, i can understand your opinion, given the fact, that you lose on Giants 95 % to MP :D. 

I dont think so tho. Black is superb on WW maps, too.

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1 hour ago, c0rpsmakr said:

Please post links to these said wins vs me that you have. Also, I will be on Thursday so you can attempt to study my patterns and eventually beat me every game.... ?

You know damn well I already took them down due to your complaining.

i can play all day Thursday. Sounds fun

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