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Chinese pushers


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I'm just wondering why this is being allowed?


CsOH has multiple nicks in the ladder currently and is playing one of his own nicks, even if "it's two different people" all of these nicks belong to him, this shouldn't be allowed imo.

I'm not even gonna waste my time playing this month if he's going to be allowed to constantly dump points to his main while I have to sit in queue for 30 minutes to find a game.


Edited by Andy.
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2 hours ago, FP4ME said:

This is shocking and if proven the offending player should be banned and points removed.

First thing andy, you can post this from your original account and there is no need to create new account just to show us how retarded are you. 

Finally, don't really advice you to seek for justice because if there will be one, you gonna be the one who should be banned for life from this server for the amount of reports that are against you. 

First report where u push 


Another report against you being a cheater



And another one proves that you are a a complete most known cheater ever. 




People still call you a cheater for a reason 



The bottom line you're a cheater and you should be banned from this server for hacking it for a year lol

Now your lucky you go away with this. 

In csoh case since admins ban vpn, Chinese can't play and he shares his account with a friend of him. 

P.S. Pay the debt you own to korea u stupid fucker

P. P. S create a new account and call me a cheater please. 


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Actually Jeen this is my own account I am not Andy.

Andy is a very good player and I enjoy watching his games, especially when he beats arrogant cheaters like you.

He is just a better player than you, so just accept it and stop crying thanks:P

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