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Sole Survivor Map Names


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Hi all!

I have been looking into the possibility of adding support for mega maps (128x128) into C&C95 and I noticed over half of the official Sole Survivor maps have no actual name! So I thought this would be a good chance give the community a chance of naming them. 😁

I started off and named "SCS30EA" as "Petroglyph" due to the funky character it shows, and nice little nod towards Petroglyph Games too 😉

@Nyerguds kindly hosts previews for each map on his webspace, check them out here:

Pick a scenario name and post in the format;
SCS01EA - Crossroads.

Of course, lets keep the map names in good spirit and no rude or slang words please. Also one map name per person to make it fair!

scs01ea    Crossroads 
scs02ea    Donut World 
scs03ea    River Despair 
scs10ea    Desert Vertigo     
scs11ea    Ice Maze     
scs12ea    Island Pain 
scs14ea    Jigsaw 
scs15ea    Ripples     
scs16ea    Death Race     
scs17ea    Grid of Insanity

scs32ea    Petroglyph (CCHyper)


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scs30ea "Kali's wrath"
scs31ea "Blistering Ridges"
scs32ea "Plains of Nazca" or "Petroglyph"
scs33ea "Ridge forts"
scs35ea ""
scs36ea "Pharaoh's wrath"
scs37ea ""
scs38ea "Oasis of Death"
scs39ea ""
scs40ea "Tournament Oasis"
scs41ea "Sniper's Haven"
scs42ea "River skirmish"
scs43ea "Hill forts"
scs51ea ""
scs60ea ""
scs61ea ""
scs62ea ""
scs63ea ""


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scs30ea: Swastikal.

scs31ea: Tears of rage.

scs33ea: Block house.

scs35ea: Flow and blow.

scs36ea: Jaws of life.

scs37ea: Mound of narrows.

scs38ea: Cut and connect.

scs39ea: Ridge rider.

scs40ea: Logos one.

scs41ea: Rocky Pathways.

scs42ea: Bridges and Rook.

scs43ea: Red Sands repeat.

scs50ea: Emoji plains.

scs51ea: Rectangles and angles.

scs60ea: Tri-leidoscope.

scs61ea: Square arrangement.

scs62ea: Diagonals and green.

scs63ea: Finger pools.

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Steering away from Nazi references, I'd call scs30ea "Iron Cross" ✠

My full list:
scs30ea Iron Cross
scs31ea Nooks and Crannies
scs32ea Nazca Plains
scs33ea Target Area
scs35ea (?)
scs36ea (?)
scs37ea (?)
scs38ea Four Corners
scs39ea Connections
scs40ea Shamrock
scs41ea Anthills
scs42ea King of the Mountain
scs43ea Island Forts
scs50ea The River
scs51ea Lonesome Roads
scs60ea Winter Maze
scs61ea The Divide
scs62ea Watering Hole
scs63ea Battlements

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