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New Campaign : Yuri Resurgence (Yuri 12 Missions, Yuri's Revenge)


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Ok here we go, after 5 months, keeping me busy through winter id like to present a brand new campaign for Yuri's revenge. Written with the advice and help from McPwny and play tested by EggRollz, ive managed to put it all together and Mig Eater told me how that could be done, so credit to these individuals without who this Yuri campaign would be beyond my knowledge.

Here we go then, this is the latest version, so if there are any remaining bugs its down to me, constantly tinkering and messing about with the files.









Yuri Resurgence Campaign.zip

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Yuri Resurgence

A twelve mission campaign for the Yuri faction.

Twelve detailed missions, with three difficulty settings.

Take control of the Yuri faction as you undertake a variety of missions, in locations around the globe.
 From missions involving careful planning and execution, to straight out base building. These missions are sure to keep you engaged for hours, if not frustrated.
Spread over a variety of theatres, the campaign follows on from the end of Yuri, when the Soviets buried him beneath the Kremlin.
You will command all of Yuri's units and take on his enemies in your quest to restore the Yuri Prime and his armies, eventually taking over the world.

To play these missions:Yuri's Revenge mission disc is required.(Unless you have the full game installed on your system.)
Extract the contents of the zip file into your Red Alert2 Directory.

Launch the game,select new campaign for Yuri.
The game will then launch.
All missions have difficulty levels. Easy mode the objectives are fairly simple to complete, Hard modes have increased patrols,attacks,defences ect.

Plot: This campaign leads on from the original Red Alert 2 Soviet campaign.
The last we see of Yuri is his destruction at the hands of the Soviet forces.(Red Revolution). His body presumed buried beneath the smoking ruins of the Kremlin. Although his body was recovered, a mystery still surrounds whether this was the true prime or a clone.
Indeed a cut away scene at the end of the Soviet campaign shows that somehow the brain of Yuri survived, perhapes spirited away by his devoted followers?
One thing is certain, as the Soviets celebrate their victory over the Allies and the world is forced to embrace Soviet rule,the all knowing Yuri is all but forgotten, and his followers are written out of history.

Ok so there u have it,
A RA2md.CFS file has been added. This will overwrite any other RA2mdCSF.file which you may of installed in your 
RA2 Folder from previous downloaded missions.The file contains texts which been altered in order to fit with all of the the maps in this campaign!

Credits: McPwny,EggRollz and Mig Eater.
McPwny who managed to advise and playtest a few of these despite being busy himself. Providing useful input, and a few hacks that are not widely used or known about. All which enhance the game. Can't thank you enough! He also made the Yuri new campaign icon ingame.
EggRollz, who playtested all of these for me, found some exploits and gave me some great ideas. He did a great job, and stresses just how vital a playtester is for any project, as someone will always have a unique way of gameplay. Go check his youtube channel out C&C Gameplays.
Mig Eaterr, without who this campaign would not of been possible in its connected form. He supplied the files and information necessary that allowed me to connect each of the Yuri Missions together.

When I first mentioned the concept of 12 missions for Yuri, it must of seemed easily dismissable, so I kept it pretty much to myself. Its taken five months of non stop fiddling,testing,scripting,testing,re-building and did I mention testing? However the community now has 13-(What?) brand new missions for the Yuri House to play in this campaign. I hope those that try the missions get a great deal of fun out of them, were very lucky Westwood made a game that still endures 20years on and still have a community that knows their stuff.


      Missions available.....1> Signed & Sealed.       (Allied RA2)
                             2> Temporal Exposure.     (Allied RA2)
                             3> Soviet Stranglehold.   (Allied RA2)
                             4> Prisoner of Conscience.(Yuri   YR)
                             5> The Wolves of Winter.  (Soviet RA2)
                             6> Fierce Intent.         (Allied RA2)
                             7> Shock Tactics.         (Soviet RA2)
                             8> Dominance in Mind.     (Yuri   YR)
                             9> Weathering the Storm.  (Soviet RA2)
                            10> In Cold Storage.       (Allied RA2)
                            11> Identity Crisis.       (Yuri   YR)
                            12> Terminal Lunacy.       (Soviet YR)
                            13> Under Pressure.        (Allied RA2)
                            14> Robot Revolution.      (Allied YR)
                            15> Nuclear Winter.        (Soviet YR)
                            16> Last Post.             (Soviet RA2)
                            17> Day of the Desolators. (Allied RA2)
                            18> Engineered to Kill.    (Allied YR)
                            19> Jungle Fortress.       (Allied YR)
                            20> Company of Wolves.     (Soviet RA2)
                            21> End of an Era, pt1 & pt2.(Yuri YR)
                            22> Moon Madness.(TX Expansion)
                            23> Siege.(TX Expansion)   (Allied YR)
                            24> Wipe Out!              (Allied RA2)
                            25> Foothold.              (Soviet RA2)
                            26> Viral Agent.           (Yuri   YR)
                            27> Finnishing Moves.      (Allied RA2)
                            28> Driven up the Wall.    (Soviet YR)
                            29> Wolves at the Door.    (Soviet RA2)
                            30> Tanya's Tomb-Raiding Trek.(Allied YR)
                            31> Fire and Ice.          (Allied YR)
                            32> Celestial Intervention.(Allied YR TX)
                            33> Yuri Resurgence Campaign.  (Yuri YR)

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It was my pleasure testing these mission for you dude, thank you very much for letting me have that option!

Guys you are definitely gonna love this campaign, it's a real gem! :)

Thanks to people like Concolor1 Yuri's Revenge and RA2 still get some new quality vanilla content up to this very day and it helps to keep the game alive, show him some love and give him a like here and also please let him and everyone else actually know what you think about the missions by leaving a comment here! ?

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Don't know if I have done something missing, but nothing happens despite I order the initiates and engi walk across the shore as the transport arrives; the amphibi and infantry just keep on standing no matter input is locked, and no accomplish is given unfortunately.

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I suggest you try it again, destroy all three, then send an engineer into the comm center. The Engineer that exits, is the unit that has to go to the shore. The fact that the amp appears means its nothing to do with the engineer.


Edited by Concolor1
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Unfortunately I gave up... Whatever I have tried didn't lead me to a solution, even if I have played at medium difficulty. Most probably it is a problem about my pc or game application, I don't know.

If only you may re-share the same campaign beginning from level 2 as well... ?


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Silly question but you don’t still have the sov01umd file from the first release in your RA2 folder do you? That was prone to that particular bug, which is why it was changed for the campaign release. Now if that is still in your folder the game would read that first.

That said I only encountered that bug once and I must of played that level around 90+ times. 

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Have recently completed the first set of 6 missions; I can say they are pure class. Mission 5 where you have to escort the mcv recognizes old red alert 1 missions(soviet campaign level 10), and I especially loved the 6.mission as I can say it is a more exciting version of your old mission 'Identity crisis'.

Tomorrow I will go on with the second set...

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Would be great to find a nice way of lauching them so its a bit easier to go between them.  Maybe that's something the CnCNet client could help with (somehow) if you wanted them in there (up to you of course).

Anyway regardless - huge kudos, love your other missions and look forward to playing these new ones ?.  

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Much appreciated Grant. Yeah I don't think CnCNet supports missions unless of course they are multi-player missions. However the expand mix does a fairly good job for what you get here, loadscreens and maps ect, all in a few files. Far better than having 12 files each with the first mission file type in, and having to replace each one every time. You should enjoy them, hopefully having them available here will bring more players to you.

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it's good to see that the download amount of the campaign is growing ;)

Again , feedbacks are more than welcome so Concolor (and also the rest of us) can actually see what u guys are thinking about his new campaign

After finishing this amazing campaign I have uploaded to my YT channel playthroughs of all the missions so if anyone would like to take a peek just for the curiosity or because he got stuck in some mission he is more than welcome to do so :)

So here they are:

1. Initiation Test:

2. Nautical Nightmare:

3. Broken Bridges:

4. Recovery:


5. Mountain Pass:

6. Mindless Faith:

7. Home Invasion:

8. Tesla Trouble:

9. Contamination:

10. Woodpecker:

11. Reset:

12. Excessive Force:

13. Moonbase Assault (Finale):


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A satisfying and exciting campaign once again. Generally what I love about your missions is mainly the creativity you have put in them.

One more time, this campaign shows us the most beneficial unit of Yuri army is the floating disc. I believe things would be way much harder without these versatile vehicles.

Especially, the beginning of 'Reset' mission was a great challenge. And I really enjoyed the last 'Excessive Forces' mission, reminding me of some old previous similar missions, though this one is more quality. It is a far harder version of the original soviet campaign's 'Head Games' taking place at Transilvania, as well. 

What is more, 'Mindless Faith' mission was perhaps the most interesting one, possessing a gripping theme, and your selection of Tibet is a great decision.


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What I would love to see that, a story and scenario where you have to fight against a combination of Yuri and alien forces(but still the same Yuri arsenal), either you are allied or soviet, or even a union of them !

A very hard campaign; where Yuri continuously support his bases from moon or other planets, mystical structures such as yuri statues, moais, mayan pyramids, yuri fortress(possessing very powerful specialities such as psychic thunderstorms and too hard to destroy), and even launch pads occupying the battlefields. A mysterious ambiance surrounding you, while you have to solve weird puzzles and traps throughout the missions. You have to deal with a mighty Yuri faction, both physically and psychologically...

Battle locations suggested at polynesia islands, antarctica and/or iceland, tibet(once again), egypt and/or sahara desert, vietnam, magnetic hill of india, door to hell at turkmenistan, loch ness of scotland, stonehenge of england, death valley of california, transilvania, rainforests, maldives, area 51, bermuda triangle, and even on other dark sides of the planets !..

So well, all in all, don't know if I have requested so many fantastic themes and story, but you got my point.  :D  Such a kind of campaign would be really cool and interesting to play, and I believe that would be the best ever campaign having created !

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Well what you would like far outstrips my experience and manpower, its a full blown Mod. Not my area im afraid it would require quiet a team. Although ive tried a limited mod, the game itself still has its limits. Your choice of locations slightly easier, but yet again would require some additional buildings in order to give them substance, the castle on the shore of loch ness for instance. The standing stones of stonehenge. If there is another campaign the locations will be more spread out. Ive just done a Rio Grande map, and have plans for Australia and other locations. It takes time to make a detailed map, so we will just have to wait and see.

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Then, I would be fit with you are playing as an allied-soviet combo side, and fighting against a very hard Yuri/alien army, where you are fighting so as to save the mother earth. These kinds of campaigns where you are to stop Yuri invasion are always mystical, interesting and pretty exciting.

Thanks for the brainstorming. ?


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