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Grand Campaign Competition!


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Challenge Accepted!


I'm gonna make the best of Tiberian Sun singleplayer map. Too bad mods can't be associated therefore it will result to a score of 0/100. Submit to Graion Dilach to all who will take the challenge btw :P


Terrain expansions, or additional mod files of any kind are not allowed


Therefore no mods.


0 creativity means I'm not entering this :P

NO MODS or else, 0/100 will be your score. I'll bring back all the things I removed in my mod (this is the only way for me to join the campaign rather than re-installing the game or use another .ini file).

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Heh. Team Black actually PM'd me asking if RA 3.03 was some kind of unofficial terrain/logic expansion like Ares or something. I cleared up all confusion about that. v3.03 doesn't add anything extra to RA in terms of map making / mission scripting possibilities anyway, as far as I know :)


Neat that they allow the functions of C&C95 v1.06c, though. That means people can go nuts with the snow theater, the extra colours and the custom radar logos 8)


Note that since modding is not allowed, neither are newly added radar logo SHP files. However, C&C95 v1.06 contains two hidden easter egg radar logos, namely "EA" and "WW". Using those should not count as modding :laugh:

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I can say I participate because I create a stuff about Blue group and actually I have a basics about this several years ago...

When I have enough missions and maps on my collection one day then of course it also should be placed on one separate Red Alert game. Team Alju5 that exist in most of my games, stories and videos is the main enemy for the players in Alju5 game and also have been so even in Red Alert skirmish and online games as a special force.



Here is one example from another application and here is my the second example directly from Red Alert 1. Oh and more, talking directly about Red Alert you also can fight against this Blue group here although in this game you are in this age already where it's commander have been gained what he likes from Red Alert several times already. ;)

I also would like if you apply this Blue Group separately in your own projects if you for example want to make your projects more colorful because of more houses(countries)... You can allocate Blue Group from Greece with extra blue color that also can be set for the AI. :)


However, indirectly this group exist also in another games and mods by me. :)


Wait for more! ;)

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