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Tiberian Sun Support for CnCNet 5!


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TL:DR version: CnCNet 5 now supports Tiberian Sun and Firestorm! Download here!




Two and a half weeks has passed since we announced the release of CnCNet 5, now we announce support for Tiberian Sun and Firestorm!


CnCNet 5 brings these features to Tiberian Sun

- Allows you to choose starting location

- Allows you to set AI and difficulty for each AI

- Allows you to pre set alliances before starting the game

- Allows you to enable the multiple factory multiplier


Hope to see you playing on CnCNet! :)


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yes i heard about that fog of war crash before, i dont play ts so i cant tell how often it happens (is it really such a big problem ?)


I dont think you need the graphics patcher, click on settings, game settings and then config .. in there you have multiple options to fix your graphic related problems


hifi is working on a new ddraw for ts that might solve all the problems for everyone, stay tuned !

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Well, it's rare to complete a game without a crash, but it's hardly detrimental to the game. It'd be a luxury to have working without crashes, though, some units are designed around having Fog Of War on.


About graphics, turning on the ddwrapper for then to be able to turn on 'no video memory' will results in sluggish gameplay. Like, the mouse pointer will feel weird. This does not happen with the graphic patcher alone.



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I just tried cncnet5 on a fresh install of TS, this time while I'm launching the game, ts-spawn.exe is getting an error "application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to bla bla). This happenes on all, internet, LAN and skirmish. Can you help me with this?

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FedaYkin" post="17046" timestamp="1386877270"]

It works with the small multiplayer version you guys offered, but not with the big installer that you guys also offer.


Good job btw, it's very impressive :D

The TS installer is years out of date now.

The cause why ts-spawn.exe will cause just a single error message is actually wsock32.dll. It is tested! :) And yes you said that the big TS installer is out of date. When to read the description of the mentioned file then this is some kind of patch. So sounds also logical. :) This just does not fit with CnCNet5 somehow.

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