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Old voiceovers/lines in Hollywood and Vain?


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My adventure through the C&C games continues!


After finishing TS/FS and just an hour ago, RA2, I've started up Yuri's Revenge and have been having a grand ol' time (especially because it is INCREDIBLY easier to get it running on windows 8).


But, I found out that in the mission Hollywood & Vain, the three hero units you can find originally had custom voice work until EA got a bit antsy and patched them out, fearing lawsuits. The C&C Wikia says that there is a way to restore these old voices, but I can't for the life of me figure it out. Can anyone give me a hand with this? I know there's something in XCC Mixer I have to play with but I'd rather not fool around with anything that isn't an INI unless I know what I'm doing.

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And then they made TFD even worse with the forced origin bullshit. Great job all around EA.


I ended up having to borrow a copy of RA2/YR from a friend so I could use the patch. At least I got to see the cool installers!

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LaunchBase-based mods, including YR UMP 1.002, behave differently than regular mods.


To alter a rulesmd.ini file in the UMP, you must go to your LaunchBase folder (I think it has to be in the RA2 directory). Then, browse to Mods\ump\video and extract the .ini file(s) you need from the files you see there. If you want to save the .ini file(s) to a .MIX file, you must, in this case, call it expandmd99.mix, because if you would call it 98 like the source .MIX file, the game will get confused because of two files of the same name colliding. Otherwise, if you overwrite a file in an existing .MIX that originated from somebody else, you'll have to reinstall the entire mod if you screw up :P


You should also place expandmd99.mix to the same folder as expandmd98.mix.

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