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Manu's Maps for up to 5 Players


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-Rush Hour Heli Edition is a kind of fun map: You start with your captured MCV and some engineers. A chinook will come for your rescue beneath your engis so dont move them next to you (the heli won't land there). Get the buildings you like (or do a different tactic) and the heli, fetch your grenadeers north of you and free your mcv. All then is up to you if you like to expand on the lower island or concentrate on your main base. Many tactics you can try with this map! Enjoy! For ideas or bugs contact me ingame!


-The Blue Border is a 3 vs 2 map, the lower 2 got an adv. powerplant, a radar and a refinery to conquer.


-Conquer the fortress is a 2 vs 3 map, the lower 2 got some more opportunities and the south advantage plus a radar and an advanced power plant for faster expansion.





Download here!


Always download BOTH files for each map!!!

































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Hi there, since the Tiberian Dawn Community is small but still there i wanna greet all the TD players I've already played with, my ingame Name is Manu.


I will create some maps and here is my first one, I hope I can see it ingame one time because there are not really much 5 player maps around here with enough tiberium and enough space. I don't know why there are so many 6 player maps because the maximum is 5..... here it is!


River of Slaughter (5 Players)




Tell me what you think of it, I didn't spend much time in adding trees and so on because this map should rather be functional.


See you ingame, join Manu's game :D



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Here my second map:


Village Mountain Brawl


It is for 5 players and has also lots of Tiberium and enough space for building bases. The Sandbag Barriers are for the beginning of a base to get troups behind them, beware of the (half healthy) Guard Towers! They kill each scouting Soldier ;-). Check it out, rate it and i hope it will also get uploaded soon for the very lack of good 5 player maps like Tiberium Valley.




See you ingame - Manu

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Nice. Lots of resources and all the start positions look pretty fair as well :)


Tip: Be careful placing too much tiberium between the two players. Remember, tib kills inf, so this is one more way to make infantry less useful. By creating pathways for infantry to be able to moving from one area to another, it opens up more strategies for players to use on your maps. :D

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Next map is called Extreme Islefight for 5 Players! At the beginning i was afraid the isles could attack each other too much but when testing i found out the difference is big enough. Enjoy! I have the raw map without tiberium and starting points still saved extra, maybe I produce a Beta Version with the bases outside and the isles full of tiberium or sth...



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I think GDI is here also good for, for blocking 2 Sides with tanks and push forward into the base.





Stripe Land 5P




It is a little different map concept as you can see, all 5 players have to conquer the tiberium island, several neutral buildings appear on the north-east to conquer. Enjoy something different!

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Also post me any bugs or really HEAVY disadvantages. And for those who know it "better": there will always be a little disadvantage for anyone because they are not similar and every player plays different tactics or has a different level of skill so please be so fair to see what REALLY is a big disadvantage and what is only according to YOUR tactic you like to play.

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I'm going to say on the new "injustice for all" the harvester logic means the player in the far south CANNOT win, because after 2 minutes their harvs are the other side of the world

also the map is so open (even with the river part) that Nod will just walk over (or more likely around) GDI players. (you saw the number of times I sniped your weap, its true)

I do however like the "rush hour" maps and the 2v2 edition of stripe battle a lot.

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If you got some suggestions that would be fine, i fixed this map so many times, but i don't really know how to balance it even more, since it's very close to a pentagram (just considering the entrances of the hills). The thing with the harvester logic: I don't really know how to get behind to this because I always look what my harvs do.... have u seen the possible second entries for every hill? You only need to shoot the 2 trees and then you can harvest from the very bottom..... if you got some solution please tell me.

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Just edited the images of the maps to the latest versions, this time in real. Enjoy playing!


I do some 2nd Versions of my maps to make things more even, don't want to delete the older versions because they are now everywhere, so here it is:


River Of Slaughter Vol. II 5P




Download on page 1

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Edited the Conquer the fortress map a bit, If you downloaded some maps here: most maps were edited during time, so replace your older files by the newest ones i uploaded on page 1 near bottom (I always replace the files when editing the maps again so they are always the newest versions).


And as a bonus I got another 3 vs 2 alternative map for you, brand new:


The Blue Border 3vs2 5P




The preview says all: natural look, 3 vs 2, a river as a border. Build your way to the river to push forward to the enemy.

Download below and on page 1 - main post.

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I did modify this thread for more clearness - all new maps will now be put into the picture of the 1st post on page 1, also the download section is there and will be refreshed every time a new modification is made. So have a look from time to time!

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New map on page 1:


Roller Coaster Ride 5P




A map designed in the style of the blistering sands maps - only in grass (and slightly different), but still natural.

Somehow I prefer doing 5 player FFA maps to battlemaps.... placing all of the 5 in this tiny 62x62 field..... download on page 1 post 1 and enjoy! Filename is scm155ea.

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