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game crashes in came


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while playing red alert on my windows 7 32 bit intel duo2 duel core. it constantly crashes in game. have tried to play with aftermath, build off ally, allow ai alliances..... turned off to no avail. it has happened constantly over the last week under DivineFrog i have 'Goosemans"s old desktop so they might have logged under his IP details.

please find attached the 'DMP' file.


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I can't do much with the crashdumps because the call stack is corrupted or just odd. I have a general idea what the issue is but I'm not sure where it lies exactly. Can you give me a savegame which allows me to easily reproduce it. Could you give me more info about the crash, I know it has to do with MIGs. Does it only happen when building aircrafts or only with MIGs?

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actually all of the above and then some. i hit the limit in one game and right clicked over mig icon to see if i could build build and the game crashed. it crashes while building them, while using them and while under attack from them :)

how do i save a game? the crash boots me out? get goose to save after the crash, and upload from his computer?

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in order to test the migs crash, i first need to buy them. so a billion dollars at start facilitates that happining. the last crash was with 15 migs and previous to that i had 4 nigs or 9 migs. yes i like to build big and go for final blow up. however i am also practicing base walking and migs. i've never used them before and while practicing i started crashing the game. i wanted to learn how to use them. i am fairly new to the tactics of humans. for 20 odd years i've always played on playstation. until now. now i have humans to battle and while i can take on all ai - the human factor is entertaining.  my issue is that the game crashes with human without human, after the humans have left and ai takes over. i got sick of crashing on my allies too. when i am being serious and not 'testing' i tone it down a little and don't use the migs as excessively or the cash so much ;)

no crash file to attach as i haven't played yet. i just thought to defend my honor :) of course reading through the thread and seeing that i use different maps and the crashes don't always involve that many migs would've saved me the time ;)

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