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2v2..  Jman , mola, both very hard to defeat with good allies playing with them don't know why.  Their nod with a strong gdi is impossible. tight is elite, ray is just elite. spawn, grey .. Grey is far better 1v1 though in 2v2 unless he has an elite he struggles for some reason. Spawn is ex pro counter strike player, was on TV but retired as he broke his hand and now uses his weaker hand for the mouse I have no idea how he has any control he also has an awful temper that let's him down.


Don't really watch many 1v1s and I always get banned when I do as people don't know me


- can7

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I played back in the early 00s but not at a very high level, I quit just as I started playing vs. the likes of Sharks etc and was begining to grasp the game and whilst I don't profess to be good I feel I can hold my own in a 2v2 of various combinations of the current crop of good players I have come across. I don't play 1v1 so can't comment on that, however, with regards to 2v2, the players who draw the reaction of oh shit they aren't on my side are as follows (no particular order);


TRZ ; different BO everytime, just never know what you are going to get, mentally he fucks me up.

Mola ; same as above

Ray ; Just an incredibly solid player.


There are a number of other superb players and I am sure I am going to get shouted at for not including e.g. Kapa and Grey but I have not had the pleasure of playing with them much over the past 6 months or so. Other honorable mentions go to c0rps & t1ght. Like I said I don't claim to be good but I have been on the winning side of pretty much every combination of player that I have played with over the past 6 months or so. I appreciate things aren't like what they used to be but this is a tpoic about now, not then.



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