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Stealth in TD?


Amass Rifle Infantry for detection. You only need 1 for covering a 3x3 field. If the map is 63 x 63, you need about 441 Rifle Infantry.

(at least, that used to be my tactic in the original game)


If you rather use towers, make sure you know that if you can't place a structure, the unit(s) might be there.

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You only need 1 for covering a 3x3 field.

I'm... not entirely sure this is true. You have to keep the sub-cells in mind. It's possible that infantry in a corner subcell doesn't detect stealth diagonally in the cell close to the opposite corner. And if you move infantry normally, they never end up in the center sub-cell, so this is always a concern.

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Then go for certain, wall him out, then build some towers.

Or simply tower him out.


Didn't thought about the possibility of different sub cell effects. Will keep that in mind.

But the chance for that happening is only substantial if the stealth tank is placed in a corner.

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Create a bunch of mobile sensor arrays and line them up so that it can find the little chicken?

Mobile sensor arrays? Did you completely fail to see the C&C1 screenshot?

Sorry. Images weren't working the last time I looked. I was using a crappy wi-fi internet connection. I'm now wired. So, I now see the pictures. My bad.


You're right... mobile sensor arrays aren't in the first game.

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