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I'm willing to teach two people


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With the somewhat spike in activity, I've decided that I'll be willing to teach two people how to play, and I'm willing to teach everything I know. It would benefit me to help create some more competition on here for fun and to bring a little more life to ts, along with the fact that most of the people that I've taught have either stopped playing or turned out to just be a nuisance to the community (carnage aka electrjcs when i taught him before the ego, and mikerara).


I'd like to see who would be interested in learning and improving here. I'm free most afternoons, 3:15-8 Pacific Standard Time, and I'd like to pass on what I've learned over the years. I've competed against the best of the best over the the last 9 years and have a wealth of knowledge to offer.


But as stated before, I only have the patience to teach two people right now, at a time. Let me know if you're interested.

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this topic has nothing to do with you trz, if you want to coattail on to my topic, do it elsewhere. your attitude isn't welcome here, nor will i respond any further to you. this is not about battling you or pitting players that are taught against eachother, this is for the good of the community and i don't want you to have anything to do with it.

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Hey joe... wuss aka reid here


can I make a suggestion...one that would greatly benefit the TS community as a whole.


can your first objective be to teach Mechacaesel how to properly put a shirt on.


Seems he never learned :(


in seriousness...start with some modders....think "jonas" (some conflict player) has shown to want to get better


omfg if you turned nodrescue into a non whiney excuse for a human and an actual decent ts player, you should get the Nobel.

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