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Is here a "maxcameraheight" change option for RA2?


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Hey guys, I'm wanting to zoom the camera out a bit on RA2. I've done this in C&C Zero Hour (via the "maxcameraheight" option in one of the ini files) with success, which is great.


But is there such an option anywhere in the RA2 ini files to do this so the units and structures can appear smaller?


Any help would be appreciated.

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Short answer, no.


RA2 is 2D game. It doesn't have an integrated feature for zoomout. However, you can set the game to a custom resolution in the ra2 config file in your RA2 install folder and play the game in 1080p, or even a higher resolution.

Actually it should assuming the code is still there. Well as far as zoom it goes at least, but i'm sure zoom out was a thing too.

This was a feature in TS Beta but was cut, we don't know why tho maybe bugs.

Right now afik we don't even know where in the code it is in YR, only in TS. None of this does not mean we will re-enable it. Just internal game engine insight trivia really i felt like sharing.

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Well said tomsons26. I do, too, believe that there's some kind of scaling or camera height that can be "adjusted".  ;)


You know what I mean.


I'm not using any technical terms.


Lastly, I've recently programmed a tile-based traffic simulation. Well, a tiles actual width/height depends on the width/height of the map. So if you have 20 square tiles each tile will be 1/20th in width and height of the map.


If you make the map smaller pixel-wise then the tiles will shrink too  :)  that's if the tiles dimensions depend on the maps dimensions.


If the maps dimensions depend on the tiles dimensions, then you just have to make tiles get rendered smaller.


This pretty much creates the illusion of "camera height".  :ranting:


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I understood what you are implying with those sentences so i won't elaborate anything further..


But to add to my previous statement, i just found the trailer showing these features, thought i only have it which would be on my Picasa album which from what i understand won't be accessable anymore since Google is dropping Picasa but there it is.


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I asked this question to one of the programmers on Tiberian Sun and hes reponse in breif was that they removed the feature becuase 2.5 dimentional games just do not agree with a fixed camera scale, and they found that playtesters actually chose not to use the feature becuase of this.

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