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Localizing the YR client - need your help


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Ok. Russian speak ready.

The question about whether further translation?

"Unit count


Game speed

Short game

MCV repack and later"

Ah yes, I've missed those off. Will have to add those on.

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u r  welcome~


Scroll Coasting  ----- IDk what‘s it used to do?  i didnt find it in Yr game..


i can  translate chinese

This would be great, please send a request to edit the google sheet and I will accept.


Many thanks

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i test    its 2 hard to play?????why add it?

Once you get used to it, it's far more efficient than scrolling by moving the cursor to the sides of the screen (or by using the keyboard, can't remember if YR supports that). All more skilled players use right-click scrolling because with it you don't need to move the cursor as much to scroll, plus you have precise control over the scrolling speed.

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