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[YR] My map pack


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Your maps look good but I don't get where you got their names from. Speaking of which, I think you spelled Nunavut wrong, and you forgot to render some of your images with starting tiles (yes, I'm a pedantic pain in the ass).


Oasis River - I don't think this name really suits this map. I think something more like "Nile, 3000 BC" or "Nile Conquered" or "Ra's Revenge" (double meaning: as in the Egyptian sun god Ra, and Red Alert) would better suit it.

HeadCrush - I'm sure there's a good reason behind naming it this, so why this name?

Valentinamatvienko- I know she's some Russian politician but what does this map have to do with her? Does she like having roads and bridges built or something? :D

Acura River - ???

Breve River - French for 'brief'? A short river? Hmmm... yeah that's fine.

Tour of Farm - just sounds lame I'm sorry to say :D, like it took you no more than 5 seconds to come up with it. But then again I can't think of anything better :P. On second thoughts, I think I'd prefer just simply 'TOE (temperate remake)'.


Otherwise your maps are great. But hey, those were just my opinions, everyone else might really like the names you've given your maps (or don't really care!)

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ChallengerX Pro your maps simply kick ass.


They have a LOT of creativity and most importantly UNIQUENESS that a lot of created maps don't have. It's quite clear that a lot of time has been spent on this aspect. Some of the maps feel like nothing I've played on before (which is hard to do).


Additionally, these maps seem mostly fair and at least within the realm of competitive fights (i.e. the gameplay doesn't diverge into an unlimited money or unfair bout).


Incredibly impressive!

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Naval gate is a perfect 2on2 map, my only complaint is that it is pretty simple and symmetric. With that being said, I'd happily play on that map.


The updated map 2 is pretty good as well. There might be a little too much in the center for it to be perfect (ie. the team that wins center early wins the entire game with ease), but this is close to a map that I could see westwood online itself making.


Impressive as always.

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