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Is there interest for a 32 man 1on1 YR (non-yuri) tournament?


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Hi all, I am wondering if there is interest in participating in a 32 man single elimination, best of 5 tournament on yuris revenge.


The idea behind this tournament is to keep it simple and produce a champion of champions.


1on1 bracket randomly determined, 32 competitors. Tournament games do not need to be broadcasted or streamed, we go off the honor system. (although streaming is always best and SS's would be taking each game for further proof and championship series would of course be broadcasted).


No yuri faction allowed, just a simple competitors QM-esque tournament bracket.


If there is a good amount of interest in this, I will set it up. There will be no reward for the winner other than bragging rights.



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1. What's about maps?

2. Better to have broadcast to resolve possible issues (just advice, u can ignore it if u want)

3. Will consider to donate some money to this tourney


This thread is only meant to gear interest.

We need to get these forums and community more in touch!


1. Maps would be simple, classic maps determined at another time.

2. Broadcasts would be very much welcomed, but the goal of the tournament would be to get games going quickly with low stress on the players (ie. not having to go through the trouble to find some1 to stream, potential lag issues, etc.) The easy way to resolve issues would be for players to take SS's of their wins.

3. Cool, that'd be awesome. Let's see if we can get enough interest in this.

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More thought on it would be: Best of 3 series (winner only needs 2 victories), 32 players, single elimination.

First map in series likely as basic as possible: Dune or Blood Feud (seems to be what people play nowadays, to give everyone the highest chance of competiting)


Second map more classic QM map like (Offense Defense, DMZ, CS, Heartland, and so forth)


Third and final map a more complex one to give this 'tiebreaker' game to the more elite player (heck TvT or something)


yup sign me up, what about france though.


I see no problem with allowing france, I do not think France would be a good choice in this tournament on most scenarios.

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On 2/14/2017 at 0:17 AM, XXxPrePxX said:

Guys, unfortunately, due to the lack of activity on this forum, this idea will not currently work.


We need to work on getting the community together.

Does this answer your question?

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