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CnCNet Error w/ C&C95



This topic is mainly for hifi, but feel free to reply. :3




Everybody in the IRC seems to be getting the error above.


Quotes from the IRC of people complaining and their reactions. :D

<Orel005> game crash

<Orel005> again

<Tore> hifi must have screwed up C&C95 when he made the new changes

<burnout> it freezes

<burnout> dings

<burnout> and i get a windows error

<godly-cheese> First time I got a error with C&C95

<ustas> Today I can`t see any game C&C95


As you can see, this is a very serious problem and all Command & Conquer fans will die if hifi doesn't not fix this. :(


Any explanations on this?

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well at me it was when i closed an programm like firefox or some other stuff and fast starting C&C95, then this RAM error came up when i was clicking on things at server hosting or ingame doing the window around my units. I fixed this i was just waiting 30 sec. after i closed an programm then it worked.

When u have this error msg and u dont do the mistake like me, well ... then i dont know :)


Greetz uNdeAd

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