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1v1 Tourny

-AuF- AuFRuLeR

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On 1/6/2018 at 6:09 AM, -AuF- AuFRuLeR said:

rules rules..hmm for one im thinking about going no yuri for a change


what u mean for a change lol the majority of tourny's play no yuri. :P Personally id preffer Yuri to be involved, even though i would play Soviet.

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Our map pool was: 

1 Deadman's Ridge 
2 Dune Patrol 
7 Meat Grinder 
9 South Pacific 
10 Golden State Freeway 
11 Reconcile 
12 Country Swing 
13 Tournament B 
14 Heartland (TvB) 
15 City under siege 
16 Offense Defense 
17 Dry Heat (TvB) 
18 Divide and Conquer 
19 Tour of Egypt

Also, we decided to eliminate maps Tournament A and Deadman's ridge, because Tour A is more about luck, who is going to capture Pyromid in the middle. Deadman's ridge is better to start on the top spot, because u can build baracks down the cliff.

Game tunes:

posted image


It was bo5 for every game, but if you going to held it during the month, we can make it bo9 or more. 

First map from map pool sellected by Judger (All the time it was me, but we had 3 judges, so, in my games they were sellecting 1-st map of the series). All other maps - loser's pick. The person who lost game, sellect's map for the next game. Simple.


Also, we had a rule, which doesnt allow laggers to play. Person has to have good internet. The one who cases lags has to fix them or be removed. No lag abuse allowed. We had one person eliminated for lagging. Ofcourse you can complain about the server, but the deal is - we were on one continent, almost in one country. Why am I playing people from USA, which are very-very far from me, divided by Ocean, and I have good connection to them, and person from Russia couldnt make his connection running fine with me.


These are the rules, we used for making tournament. Also, you can see videos of the tournament on my youtube channed or in other topic of this forum.

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