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Easy way for two players from the same network play an online game together?



Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there was a simple way to allow two clients on the same home network play a game online with other players together. We're trying to play Tiberiansun with other players online and maybe as expected the two of us on the same home network can't ever connect with one another.

One possibility I was considering was using a fast VPN for one player and a normal connection for the other (from my home network).

Anyone have any better ideas?



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2 hours ago, Tore said:

Have you tried hosting a game using a different connection method? There are two methods currently: P2P and Automatic.

Yep, I tried this and neither option made a difference, we still could not connect.

29 minutes ago, FunkyFr3sh said:

It should be working fine without any issues and without the need for a VPN.

Can you please go into Settings->CnCNet->Game Settings and verify that each of you got a unique port set under Game Port? e.g. one is using 8055, the other one 8056.

This was my very first thought and I am about to try it. I originally went to cncnet5.ini and edited my port to see if it made a difference. When we tried it didn't work. I went back to change the port after the attempt and noticed the port was changed back to the default value. I'll try it real quick and see if it makes a difference.

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