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Red Dawn - Red Alert mod!


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Thanks for the front page post!



smoky 10983 I posted back at you in the thread.




I'll repost it.


OS *XP,Vista or Win7* and what RA-1 do you have? *Free/Pay or TFD* Is it freezing ingame or at a the main game screen?


Is your RA-1 at 3.03? If your not sure. Start nomral RA-1 and it is listed under Exit Game at the main game screen. Like in the pic below. If your geting a freeze before you see the main screen you need to use get your RA-1 updated to 3.03.

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Okay Okay. Is your RA-1 Pay/Freewere or The first decade *TFD*?


Pay/Freewere use CDs TFD has a no CD setings. It sounds like your geting a No CD found that comes up with a OK box only on XP forward. In Win95-ME it says NO CD found in the box with some other text.


Is this the screen your geting??? and sorry about the late reply. I didn't check the "Notify me of replies" even thought I thought I did...


No CD Screen below


Wow, always nice to see more red alert content.


I wonder who will try this though, since C&C95 is released as freeware, and also has the high resolution patch.


Two words. Naval Units.


Also if some one were to make a high resolution patch for RA-1. I would make this with a high resolution patch too.


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it's not that simple. C&C95 already had all the basic requirements for resolution switching. RA has none of them. It'll take tons of research and testing to pull it off


btw, I merged your posts. Please use the [edit] button instead of double-posting.

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Worked fine on my XP but I will dump RA+ on my WIN7 PC and see if it will work. I must say RA+ looks like hell. It has the pallets all fooked up. It looks I'm playing the PS1 RA-1.




Worked fine on my Win7 using RA+ with Red Dawn Installer UP1 than the Red Dawn RA+ patch.


First can you get the code? I can ask Nyerguds to tell me what it is if he can read it. 2st: Did you install  Nyerguds RA 3.03 patch? If you did this may be why things have gone bad. You would have to uninsall than reinstall RA+ and Red Dawn plus the Red Dawn RA+ patch.

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The Colour issue in RA+ can be fixed if you go to Options > Game Controls > Visual Controls > Reset Values


I have to make a patch for FullRA+ so I going to just put new REDALERT.ini in the patch that will fix this for them.


And by the way Red Alert 1 Modding was never dead since i worked on my Perfect RA Mod for three and a half year till now!!




RA-1 modding isn't dead but a lost art to most. 10 years of work on Red Dawn. There were some long work breaks when I was modding TS, RA2 and Battlefield 1942. After your mod got posted to the front page at PPM I got of my @$$ and finished this.


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First of all, the colours NEVER INVERTED. The first and last 8 colours of the game's 256-colour palette were plain REPLACED by the first and last 8 colours of the Windows standard 16-colour palette.

Secondly, I don't see how increasing the contrast or changing the hue has any positive effect on that. The colours are simply different, and they stay different no matter what modifiers you put on them.

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