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Tiberium Sun Frequent Crashes



Got the latest version from cncnet of tiberium sun, got the latest, that i can find, tspatch for most of the bugs but I keep getting a shit tonne of crashes. Im talking one possibly every mission to 1-2 missions and it usually happens just as a mission ends and thus cannot save my progress. I looked around and there is another thread about this that told the guy to upload the txt file, which ill do here, but other than that, I know nothing and have no idea what to do.

The only message that pops up is "Tiberian Sun has encountered a problem and cannot continue". The only other notable issue i see before a crash is either I have too many units on screen(which was a lot of fun for firestorm assassinate tratos, seeing 150 titans running after 1 man) and the screen usually turns pure white except for the hud(the unit/building menu).


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