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Installation failed on Kubuntu 18.04.1 TLS




I'm trying to install tiberian sun cncnet on Linux/Kubuntu 18.04.11 TLS.

The .deb package won't install, it says unable to meet dependencies. I see on the installation video that linux mint seems to resolve the dependencies, perhaps its kubuntu?

When I run it in a terminal it forces me to remove PHP (which I am running a server, so I don't want to uninstall php!).

How do I install cncnet? I am still new to linux but am loving it so far.

Is there any way to install it without removing php? Seems wine requires its removal to install. Why -- anyone know?

Perhaps I can install on another account or? Maybe cncnet needs to look into using .AppImages -- they are pretty easy and OpenRA uses them perfectly for RA, TD, and Dune and they work great.

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You can try to install the snap, but it's still unfinished (you either need to play in windowed mode or set the game res to the same as your desktop res)


Probably should be working like this if i remember right:

sudo apt install snapd

sudo snap install cnctsun

snap run cnctsun


For red alert, use "cncra" rather than "cnctsun".

Note: red alert doesn't require windowed mode or resolution changes, only the tiberian sun one needs that

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Currently I'm working on the cncra2yr snap which is currently living on snap edge branch so soonish it will be ready for all.

EDIT: Snap is released but it still has some hiccups with the updater.

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