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BOLO: Notorious Game Ruiner


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This low-life goes by "Dust" and as of now, primarily targets ToE games. He's an outright team killer... witnessed him do it three times, each incident within just days of one another. In each incident, he engages within just minutes, targeting a teammate's MCV in a way that's rather difficult to counter by using several units all at once. Even though such a thing is probably unlikely to ever be implemented, it sure would be nice to have some sort of reputation assessment system to help keep these kinds of things to a minimum.

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Turns out, that is just another nick for a player (for lack of a better word) named "Kais". He also goes by other nicks to fool hosts and as suspected, has since gone on to ruining not just ToE games. One game he was on Arctic Circle as "MaybeWeCrazy" (one of his better known aliases), full roster consisting of 8. Other players who knew of him pleaded with the host to have him removed but to no avail. In that particular instance, he refused to deploy his MCV and just kept typing a bunch of gibberish. This guy is nothing but a bottom feeding troll scum. Are there any legitimate grounds to have this cancer removed? I'm sure it's only a matter of time before others start complaining about him. Here's screen shots of him in action killing his own teammates, openly admitting who he really is--in this particular instance, using the nick "PRO". Keep in mind, this is just one of what is surely to be so many countless incidents.


Screenshot (257).png

Screenshot (260).png

Screenshot (259).png

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Can I request that the admins do something about this player. Last night we wasted the night playing 4 games which he ruined. We attempted to kick / ban him however he is using some kind of VPN / Blocker so his name does not even appear in the lobby so it's impossible to ban him.

He waits about 15 mins then will team kill his allies thereby ruining the game for all, he seems to take pleasure in causing misery to others.

He is also racist and rude to everyone on the game. Nobody likes or wants him here.

His main name is "MAYBEWECRAZY".

There may be no rules about team killing, however using VPN / IP blockers or whatever he is doing to avoid ban must be against the rules.

I await admin response


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I've tried to address this - as the individual in question has been banned before.  As you've stated the answer is not always easy...

Please message a moderator (like me) if we're online and we'll see what we can do.  Like always, to be impartial, we will require proof before taking action.

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