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My best map. Map that I'm proud of. For 2v2v2v2 naval batles.
   This is not just a naval battle. This is a micro model of the world. Geopolitics works here.
Do not play this map in 2v2 or 4v4 format. This breaks the whole concept of this map. Play it 2v2v2v2! And don't use superweapons.
   Prepare for a long game of over 1 hour.


Vertical proection:


I created this map, already having a lot of experience in the game and map making.
I have meticulously planned many separate places around which separate episodes of confrontation can unfold. The main islands, which are divided into 2 halves, connected by narrow passages in the bay area, and a protected fortress in the corner, which is the player's last reliable place to hide even when the main territory is occupied by the enemy.
The central island where epic battles often unfold. This island is also divided into 2 zones, and has a sheltered high ground with a lake where a naval yard can be placed.
Сontested islands with oil derrics also often become the site of an interesting confrontation.
Without undue modesty, I will say that all these carefully thought out things make this map a real masterpiece.
The games on this map exceeded expectations. Everything works as it should, and even better. This map takes RA2 to a whole new level. Higher level strategy.


Last versions: 

[8] Oceania (v5.0 Author's Mod).map - Slightly modified version. With day-night cycle*.

I recommend using this. And use with RA2 mode. Below is a detailed table of changes.


[8] Oceania (v5.0).map                       - Clear version. No mods at all. With day-night cycle*.


[8] Oceania (v5.0 no night).map         - Clear version. No mods at all. No night.


*   First night will come in about an hour.

   I will always promote pure RA2. There is nothing superfluous. There is a normal, not annoying voice acting. It is more serious. The YR mod ruined the game considerably in my opinion. Soldiers are overly strong. Battle fortresses and annoying choppers.
Friends, RA2 is just better.


About Oceania Author's Mod :

No new features or weapons. Just changed unit parameters such as range (e.g. V3 rocket), armor and speed (Kirov), in order to accommodate units for long distances on a large map.
Some changes (costs etc) have been made to improve the balance between the Soviets and the Alliance. For example, the alliance will be able to build dolphins immediately, and the destroyers after the construction of the laboratory, because the Soviets cannot resist the destroyers in the early stages of the game, they also cannot protect the oil derricks from the attack of the destroyers in the early stages.
Despite a large number of changes, the game has not changed much. Changes will usually be invisible to players.
I also fixed some bugs. They mainly concern the RA2 mode.

List of significant changes in Oceania v5.0 Author's Mod (compared to original values) :

green - improvement of the parameter, red - deterioration of the parameter, blue - original parameter.
Parentheses indicate the original value. [ Map value (original value) ] 

Sniper ------------ Range  28 (14)
Desolator --------- Range  8 (6) ; Damage 250 (125) ; Elite Range 10 (8) ; Elite Damage 400 (200) (The damage is related to the shot, not the radiation effect)
ChronoLegionaire -Cost 1200 (1500)
Spy  -------------- Cost 2000 (1000)
Yuri Prime (RA2)  - Cost 4000 (2000) ; Required Soviet Lab+PsySensor+barracks (only barracks required)

Russian Tesla Tank ----- Range  8  (4) ; Elite Range 9 (6) ; Cost 1600 (1200)
German Tank -----------Range  10 (5) ; Elite Range 11 (6.75) ; Cost 2000 (900)
Mirage ----------------- Cost 1200 (1000)
Prism ------------------ Cost 1500 (1200)
V3 Launcher ----------- Range 40 (18); Cost 1800 (800)
Desolator IFV ---------- Range  8 (7) ; Damage 300 (175)
All other variants of IFV-Range  8
Libyan ShahidMobile ---Damage 800 (300); Cost 2000 (1500)

Black Eagle ---- Missile Launch Range  9  (6) ; Elite Missile Launch Range 12 (9) ; Armor 300 (200)
Intruder  ------- Missile Launch Range  8  (6) ; Elite Missile Launch Range 10 (9) ; Armor 250 (150)
Kirov----------- Armor 2500 (2000) ; Speed 8 (5)

Carrier ------- Cost 2500 (2000)
Dreadnaught - Cost 2500 (2000)
Scorpion ----- Cost 900   (600)
Dolphin  ------ no lab needed (need lab)
Destroer -----  laboratory required (no lab needed)
Squid  --------Damage(fighting) 95  (50)

Allied ConstrYard(MCV) --- Cost 5000 (3000)
Grand Cannon  ---- Range 20  (15) ; Cost 6000 (2000)
Prism Tower ------- Range 9    (8)
Tesla Coil --------- Range  8    (7)   | TC + Tesla Trooper - Range 10 (8)
Psychic Sensor   -- Radius 20  (15) | + Mobile Submarine Detector(new unit) - Detection Radius 18 (15 for Psychic Sensor in original, not CNCNET RA2)
Gap Generator  --- Cost 1500 (1000)
Patriot ------------ Cost
1200 (1000; CellSpread 1.5  (0.3)  (Increasing this parameter causes damage not only to the unit that the missle hits, but also to units near it. This solves the problem of huge concentrations of rocketers very well. However, it does not deal more damage to a single unit, such as a Kirov. This is a very good solution.)

ChronoSphere  ----- Cost 15000 (2500) ; Recharge time 25 (7)
Weather Controller - Cost
20000 (5000) ; Recharge time 40 (10)
Iron Curtain  -------- Cost 10000 (2500) ; Recharge time 25 (5)
Nuclear Missle  ----- Cost 20000 (5000) ; Recharge time 40 (10)

Fixing bugs and unwanted effects:

- Fixed sale price of alliance infantry in cloning vats in ra2 mode. Thus, it is now impossible to make a profit.

- Fixed a bug with the Flak Trooper that caused the Elite Flak Trooper to become less powerful than the regular Flak Trooper.

- Fixed a bug where Yuri Prime in RA2 mode could capture 10 units at the same time. Now it can capture 1, just like it did in the original RA2.

- MCV cannot be spawned from a crate. (This gave too much advantage to the player who found second base.)

- Soviets cant build Allied MCV; Allies cant build Soviet MCV. Possible only capture MCV from enemy, but impossible to make another.

- I have restored the Psi Sensor feature that worked in the original Red Alert 2 but was lost in RA2 mode on CNCNET, namely submarine unit detection. I did this with a new unit (Submarine Detector) that spawns with the Psi Sensor. Unfortunately, I was not able to restore the function of the Psi Sensor to unmask spies and mirages.

- As an Easter egg, a howitzer can spawn from the crate. It is equivalent to the Grand Cannon in terms of power and range.

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Ты чё, унизить меня решил? Сравнил х с пальцем.. )) На моей карте один остров в 5 раз сложнее чем 2 такие карты вместе взятые..

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Added map file.

The map is very large, so large is file size. It is a pity, I had to greatly reduce the quality of the preview. My wish is that the problem with the maximum size of the map file that can be uploaded to the server at 890kb  be solved. Increase it at least to 1.5, and better to 2 mb. Then it will be possible to make very beautiful and detailed previews for the lobby.

Edited by CCCP84
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Released final version. Map tested, corrected and ready for battles.

I made very good thing for this map. When somebodys amphybia enters central island, sounds sirena and radar event happens on minimap. It's very useful on this map.

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   Made mod of Oceania.

[8] Oceania RASKLADY.jpg

[8] Oceaniarrrrrrrrrrr.jpg

All soviets can make 2 Satan rocket launchers with a huge range and speed.  Cost 3000

All players can make Antisatan Fighters (soviets can if have allied airfield). Fighter effective only against Satan rocket launcher. Range increased x4.2 compared to other planes. Cost 2000

Range of V3 launcher increased x2. Cost 1200

Patriot missle(building) range increased x1.65

All allies can build 2 French cannons(cost 3000, need lab)(France can make it as regular, cost 2000 no limits)


The above parameters significantly change the game.



Range of French cannon increased x1.4

Snipers range increased x1.8

Russian Tesla tank range increased x1.5

Germans Tank Destroyer range increased x1.6

Flak cannon(building) range increased x1.15

Kirov Airship armor increased x1.25 speed increased x1.4


These parameters slightly change the game due to the huge size of the map and can be undetected by players.


[8] Oceania v3.8AM (CCCP84).map

I highly recommend playing this version in RA2 mode.

You can test new weapons on the test map. (you need to select position 4)

 TEST MAP oceania satan rocket (cccp84).map


Edited by CCCP84
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On 5/13/2020 at 12:38 AM, CCCP84 said:

All players can make Antisatan Fighters (soviets can if have allied airfield). Fighter effective only against Satan rocket launcher.

Key-word is launcher    ;)

Fighter looks like carriers hornet

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1 hour ago, cypher said:

lol, seriously? you went afk for some hours don't you?

no bro, just look at the number of kills .. it was an intense game all this time .. played all night until morning. And, in fact, did not finished the game. Just one player disconnected. None of the three remaining players had a advantage at the time of the disconnect. The game could still go on for a very long time.

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On this map, military strategy turns into military-political. Here you need to understand very well who to attack and who to rely on, otherwise you will lose. In the last game, all 3 players understood this well. that's why this game went on for so long.

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