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Tiberian Sun acting up on Mojave.



OSX Mojave user here.

I tried installing the SP campaign, etc for Tiberian Sun today and I got this strange popup:

"Linux/Mac: Please make sure either Wine+winetricks dotnet 2.0 or Crossover is installed to be able to play online".

I tapped OK since I'm not going online, then it gives me the list of things I want to install. I select all, and it won't install them. It gets to 99% and says it can't install them, so I uncheck everything and just select Single Player missions. it works! Weird. Map editor installed fine too on a second go-around as well as desktop shortcuts. It seems to not want to install music or movies... grr.

So it goes back to the main menu and I pick Single Player, and I just get the Tiberian Sun main menu in an all-black screen (I can hear the ambient music, the buttons when I roll my mouse over them, but it's just all black). What's the deal here? 

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About the first bug with the movies... I have no idea what it's about yet, it seems like it started to happen recently (You're now the second person to report it). We didn't change anything, maybe it's related to a macOS update.


If you get a black screen with the cncnet app then maybe you just didn't see the popup that asked you for permissions. You will have to CMD+TAB back to the desktop and a there should be a popup asking for “Accessibility” permissions.

If there is no popup, there is also another way to add it manually, someone made a tutorial for it for another app, but you can follow their instructions and just add the CnCNet.app rather than the app they mentioned https://help.rescuetime.com/article/59-how-do-i-enable-accessibility-permissions-on-mac-osx

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Same problem for me I'm on my MacBook Pro and get a Black screen even on skirmish mode.

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OK. I followed the instructions you sent so far and... well, it's acting finicky still.

I booted up CnCNet, selected TS, got the main menu and picked Single Player. Computer freezes, keeps playing sound and music and the cursor moves, but it's totally unresponsive for a good few minutes. Then CnCNet crashes and it refuses to open when I click the icon. I opened up force quit to shut it down if it was still running, and it isn't even an option. It's off, but unresponsive.

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Did you already try to play around with the different renderers? ddwrapper usually works fine as an alternative on macOS

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So, I tried to do what Funky said and play around with different renderers. Now, when I click on the CnCNet icon my whole computer freezes, except the cursor can move. Ugh.


Is there a log report I can submit? Like an except.txt for the whole thing? Should I downgrade from Mojave?

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You could try to play around with the wineskin setting, there should also be a test run button that can generate logs. Right click the app, choose show package contents and in there you should find the wineskin app.


I have no idea why it would work for some players and for others it doesn't...

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