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  1. Actually, cows got nerfed by Westwood. They would give ifvs the same weapon as a president before. Just because Tim didn't think to make conscripts doesn't prove anything in terms of Tesla trooper usability. I know for a fact from QMing that tesla troopers are only useful in rare circumstances and would need a buff to be useful more often. Hahaha, I almost forgot my crazy rushes and weird playstyle, thanks for reminding me.
  2. Yeah, let's balance OP units by making the other units OP too, makes sense.
  3. Chronosphere to 5 minutes, otherwise Sovs will have a hard time against Yuri.
  4. While that may be true but you're thinking in terms of Soviet/Allied, most decent Yuri players put gattling tank bunkers around their base so it's generally surrounded by AA. Also, the cost of losing even 1 harrier is greater than hitting that one reactor, except in unique circumstances. Harrier $1200 Bio Reactor $600
  5. Should have gone with the description option before 5 different people started telling him that he doesn't know which was obvious enough in his posts, calling a fool stupid won't educate him.
  6. Let's not turn it into a discussion about who has the longer e-penis here... Unfortunately, there are not that many good Yuri side players in the game so you quite possibly haven't seen how fast Yuri downs air units with just 2 gattling tanks or even cannons. While it's simple to pull off air attacks against people who don't put gattling tank bunkers in key spots around their base, against people who do, you would lose most of your air units.
  7. IMO Yuri's first cause for being overpowered is their power plant efficiency. They can easily get a power plant equivalent of a nuclear power plant by inserting infantry, which enables them to tech quicker than other factions. If you decrease the base level power output of a Yuri power plant to necessitate the insertion of more infantry to reach a slightly higher output at maximum upgrade level compared to a normal Allied/Soviet power plant then you will slow down the rate at which a Yuri player can fast tech to boomers, supers, psychic tower base walking. This effectively generates a larger window for Allied/Soviet players to abuse. Combine the above with nerfs to magnetron by removing auto mag and the ability to hit units on a cliff, with also a nerf to gattling weapon's effectiveness against terror drones, air units and infantry, Yuri becomes much more manageable on all maps. If we would start balance patching specific items without thought to the whole, we'd still end up with an unbalanced mess.
  8. First of all the community needs to stop acting like a bunch of immature fucking teenagers raging about each other's e-penis scales and coordinate everyone's contributions to benefit the whole.
  9. Not possible to target unit types specifically otherwise I could make a godlike Ai that doesn't have to cheat to be better.
  10. Thanks, for the info. You can deso-bomb buildings, by making a transport move to a building, unload, deploy passangers, have them move to a different building or guard area for a few seconds then undeploy and deploy again to increase radiation levels.
  11. How about you tell me how to make the AI build multiple factories and I'll tell you how to deso bomb?
  12. My AI is not map specific, it uses different paths naturally. If I add it to any other map or globally it will find the least protected path for some attacks and it will work on any map. I'm just developing the AI on map to make online/play testing easier, using Final Alert 2 to configure the AI as it has a proper AI editor built in. That's the general idea of my mini project, AI only for the vanilla game. I'm selecting the most effective strategies and including some macro attack groups as well, I find the specific attacks to be more effective against players. That's only because I haven't added the base defence scripts yet, it's all in the design plan, I've mentioned this before. It will build base patrol and defence groups in the future.
  13. If I tell you all of my AI's unique features then how will mine be any different from yours? Are we not rivals?! I'll tell you the bug though, after a certain number in the buildings list (for targeting in the scripts) the buildings have incorrect names, so you have to select one building before the actual one you want. I forgot the exact number where it starts going wrong, but I know it affects all yuri buildings. For the naval transport make it move to your barracks or factory first, than use the load transport script action + guard area 20-30 ticks, move to enemy building (must be specific), unload transport action (2 return transport on unload keep units), any attack commands after that.
  14. I just observed the general style people use when approaching the ai and adopted the ai to their counters/defence so that it can increase in difficulty basing on the player's strategy. Make a game and see how people play against your Ai then you can make it more challenging and patch 'weak spots'. So far I'm trying to make my Ai emulate online PvP players and it's turning out a bit like the RA1 Ai in it's way of attacking the economy a lot more than normal. I'm using Final Alert 2 to make the whole Ai, discovered a bug in FA2 recently though, took me ~3h to figure out how to get the Ai to use desolators against Yuri due to that bug.
  15. It's easy to beat, I know, it's only got 41 active triggers and most of them are used for Soviet vs Soviet combat, there are working self-defence triggers yet, so it should come as no surprise. I'm observing how people of different skill levels fight it and building the Ai around their successes and failures.
  16. It should over-rule your ai edits, if it doesn't (plays like your ai) then clear your mod.
  17. Like attacking from different angles, keeping the player very busy. aitest.map Here's the ai on the map, play against 3 soviet hard ai's as either allied or soviet. Try not to get emotional.
  18. Unfortunately, I forgot the names. So far I've developed a basic soviet Ai as part of my rewrite, the rage quitter toll is increasing rapidly. Playing as soviet vs 3 brutals is near impossible.
  19. You can use the above method or launch the game through steam, which enables you to take screenshots with F12 and upload them to your steam account at the end of your gaming session.
  20. AFAIK some mods have done it, I'll figure it out at some point unless you get there first.
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