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  1. Pretty much, for example there hasn't been a proper map pool update since I released one for ranked and there hasn't been casual map pool update for a year or so since me and a buddy released one big one. I told you to volunteer and work on your ideas yourself, the current staff only works on critical bugs and features. You'll be waiting a long time otherwise, as alot of what you mentioned takes a lot of work from multiple developers.
  2. @iMNaSTy Don't respond to him, he always comes to ruin every thread about YR suggestions on CnCNet, just do a quick forum search.
  3. @iMNaSTy You can always volunteer and help make your suggestions a reality.
  4. Aaaand port it to YR too please ❤️
  5. The YR Icon before player names shows that they are in YR, as you can change channel to CnCNet General and see icons from other games and mods in-front of player names, so we can't just go and remove it as it's useful. You'd end up with game specific icon, ladder badge, friend/blocked icon in-front of a name.
  6. @Win4ester Find me on Discord if you want to help out, I've been doing a lot of games on the new patch.
  7. I can try... thanks for not helping out though when you need something.
  8. I have a new version of the patch in the works, but it needs testers.
  9. I don't recommend using the Yuri Balance patch for competitive games such as tournaments, because that patch is aimed at casual players. Some further imbalances were revealed during recent testing of the Yuri faction, which I won't mention here right now to prevent abuse of the patch. Regarding the damage of the Boomer and Dreadnought missiles, according to @Lud0wig it's a side-affect of the bunker penetrating feature that was added to these weapons, to allow them to destroy the units inside tank bunkers. @Win4ester
  10. If you're disabling them on a per map basis you can add the ini to the map from rulesmd.ini [unitname] CreateSound= Leaving it just blank removes the sound.
  11. The Unofficial CnCNet Yuri's Revenge Client - Allied Theme Version: 1.0 Download the Unofficial CnCNet YR Allied Theme Installation instructions are included in the download archive ( not in the theme files folder ). CnCNet_YR _Allied_Theme_v1.0.7z Check Out My Other UI Themes! Yuri's Revenge Soviet Theme
  12. The Unofficial CnCNet Yuri's Revenge Client - Soviet Theme Version: 1.0 Download the Unofficial CnCNet YR Soviet Theme Installation instructions are included in the download archive ( not in the theme files folder ). CnCNet_YR _Soviet_Theme_v1.0.7z Check Out My Other UI Themes! Yuri's Revenge Allied Theme
  13. There's a pinned thread in this forum section about learning how to create maps, perhaps, you'd like to read it so you won't make these mistakes.
  14. I agree that the map pool should include only limited number of specialised scenarios such as naval based maps.
  15. If different games on CnCNet benefit from different limits then they should be set in a way that benefits them all in their unique way. Unfortunately with TS you only have yourselves to blame.
  16. You're contradicting yourself here, seems it's specific to the TS community rather than the RTS genre or competitive gaming.
  17. The YR community come together and agreed that we needed this rule, the RA1 community has been playing on 1 nickname voluntarily for a long time so maybe solve your differences and start acting like a community.
  18. I can't remember but should be around 300-400px on the long edge.
  19. That's not a 'rule', that would mean that you would have to register on the cncnet website before you can log-in and play. Which a lot of people are not willing to do due to laziness... Hence why it works the way it does.
  20. Use the map renderer. Map Renderer.zip
  21. You both seem to be confused. The nickname you use to log into CnCNet is unregistered and only active when you're logged in. The nickname you use on the ranked matches and ladder is created through a registered account on the ladder website. The two nicknames have no association with each other.
  22. Unfortunately, Yuri is actually even more powerful with the patch if you know how to use Yuri. I suggest you try making lasher tanks with multiple factories for a change.
  23. Why is your map file size so large? Try reducing the preview image size if you're inserting it into the map file.
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