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The cncnet leadership does not view clans as a relevant addition to the client. They don’t view it as having any value and this not only refuse to put any effort into it. But refuse donations or 3rd party work done for that purpose.

Clans and classic rank ladder system is never happening on cncnet

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13 minutes ago, Fine Cigar said:

Challenge accepted!

Any map, if I am on and you guys on. I would take any ally even in my rusty state and put a whooping on you guys!


That sure does sound like fun.. would really make the game interesting to me again and make me want to play.

oh well, it’s too bad that the devs think that people playing a pvp strategy game don’t want standardized competition.

maybe in the next life.

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1 hour ago, Phenomena said:

think its funny...you guys complain that the 1v1 ladder is dead, yet you want a clan ladder?

Guys..its the same 5 people...

Don't hate mate!

A little positivity goes a long way.

(In my creekiest trolls voice, YouTube if you dont get the reference...)

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