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Delete all my videos tutorial of final alert 2 [vote]


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Hello Guys!
This is a request from my friend Ezer_2000:

On 10/9/2019 at 6:46 PM, Ezer_2000 said:

This is some of reasons why I'm not making public tutorials. Knowledges might be used by weak mind people.

@YosefAnan please delete your tutorials. All of them available on modding forums. This will prevent making low-quality maps by lazy people with low effort(enthusiasm).

I need to know your opinion, I open this vote on my channel:

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19 hours ago, Ezer_2000 said:

You can do everything you want. Let's see what things you care about.

The First thing I care about is to make people happy by telling them what I know about the final alert 2 by videos tutorial.
I understand what you asking me, I understand your perspective and opinion. So because I understand it and interest in it, I make that vote.
I hope you understand my step. :)


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Yoesef your tutorials are a vital part of map creation. You know my theory about war, it is not fun it is not romance.I do not know of any maps that you make that could be advantageous to 1 team, player, or position than another. I create a massive number of maps as you and everyone knows. As long as a map does not have designed cheats I do not even think about it. These maps are made for fun and competition, how would someone know how to access a trigger unless they had played the map several times and explored things in the map. I always hear about "PRO PLAYERS" my question always is what makes a pro because they know the map to be able to put an engineer beside an oil derrick, airport, machine shop under shroud because the play map so much. In my opinion a Pro should be able to play any map with any team from any position, at anytime because of the skill set they posses. I feel it would be a disservice to the community for you to stop making tutorials, a lazy person will not be able to do much without drive, imagination and desires. I have over a 1000 maps in my collection dating back to WOL, I have found by looking over them that the predominant cheat in the maps would be a specific team do a specific move, or the change house giving people unfair advantage in gaining ownership of certain buildings/units on the maps, or just loading up the area around a base up with tech buildings. If you play a cheat map either don't play it again or submit it to someone that can clean it up like you or me, would be 1 way to deal with it. I make several maps using triggers and I edit as required, so don't worry about azer_2000 way I see it if you play with a cheater you are going to learn to either play the map or get out of the map. People have cheated in everything since the beginning of time it is part of life, and this is just a game.  Triggers make for fun, interesting, and new game experiences, if someone is taking advantage of the knowledge they gain then don't play with them.

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well, I will not delete the videos after all the comments that ask me not to delete them, Ezer_2000 was all the time like my posts and he is a good guy, thanks for you my friend, you show me how much people like my tutorial videos by your comment and that was good for me. ❤️


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