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Hello all Tiberian Sun enthusiasts. As somewhat of a lover of this game myself, I have been wanting a clan system in TS for some time. While I may not be the most knowledgeable person of this games infinite strategies, I do have a [passion] for it and it is part of my daily routine at this point.

I have talked plenty about wanting some sort of clan system for TS and oftentimes am met with "Do it yourself". I cannot blame anyone with this point of view as it makes sense, if you want something bad enough begging for it is not the way to get it done.

As someone who is not a part of the CnCnet internal team it is likely i wouldn't be allowed any access to the Tiberian Sun API, which means the website would not be able to internally track wins. I do really want this project to move forward. I have been thinking about it for a long time and working on it in my spare time when I can. The website is not up yet however I already have the funds to host it for a year, and much of the website done already.

I was thinking mainly listing Clans and their users, what rank the users hold within said clans. Clans track records overall and vs each other. Having verified spectators listed for sanctioned Clan matches. Of course I would love to hold tournaments for glory and rank. However, if this website were to grow to even a modest size, Bi-yearly tournaments with modest (small) monetary prizes are something I am strongly considering as well.

I need input from newer players, what would entice you to try something like this out? I need input from older players, what other features would make this website something that actually puts its feet on the ground? What are your fondest memories of old TS clanners? What did you dislike? Any and all input/ideas on this project WILL be considered.

I understand this is not an official "Clan Ladder". But that may never be coming, so I would like to make the best of it while this game is still alive.

The only posts that will not be tolerated are : "Ts is dead" "not enough people for interest" etc. etc.

IT'S MY MONEY AND I'M HOSTING THE SITE. If I want to waste my money on a "dead game" so be it. CONSTRUCTIVE INPUT ONLY. Thank you all.

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5 hours ago, FunkyFr3sh said:

So players would have to report the wins/losses manually or some chosen ladder admins report the wins/losses?


Yes that was essentially the 'work around' for recording wins and losses. I understand it isn't truly scalable because at a 'high' number of guilds having enough 'verified spectators' typically isn't feasible, mostly because people don't have as much time on their hands as me and wouldn't be willing to do it for free, not that I blame them, but it could work initially.

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Firstly, noob2, I'd like to thank you for donating your time, money, and energy into something like this, regardless of the outcome. This is quite an undertaking and committing to it alone for the good of the game is something that I hope everyone appreciates and is willing to contribute to in whatever way possible. Secondly, if you would like any input I would be happy to give whatever support I could lend.

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Sounds good :D. Nice job! But i dont like clans and all that stuff. Too much background noise, which distracts you from the game. And if someone doesnt like clans, he wont be included in this system.

My suggestion:

Maybe a "TS league" and/or a "TS Cup" would be fun? You would get many of the newer Elite (Nme, Black, Hitman) and older Elite (Corpsmaker, TopRush, Tiger - maybe some time in the future Zenetusken ;)) to engage, as well as the middle class and maybe some noobs. You could draw the matches for each week/2 weeks, and schedule the date, where they both can play. Any game should be recorded and put up on Youtube for verification; or you could consider it to be sufficient, when both players agree on the end result. It should be best of 3 - more games would take too much time, less would be not enough to judge who was better. A win gives you 3 points, a draw (only possible with short game games/too long games) gives 1. We can implement team games, as well.

The maps, which are played, should change by coincidence; and there should be Terr, FF, GSO, Giants, Small Ville, Throwback, Area 51, and so on in the mix, so anyone has fun.
You could make instead of a 20 player league make 4 or 5 groups with 4 players, and the best 2 get to the final "KO" stages, like in the World Cup. 

No matter, what you will chose (a league, a clan system): You should make the rules very clear and transparent. I suggest:
- No lag usage (which doesnt necessarily mean you lag; but you use the lag of another guy to get bonus and dont correct it, knowing of the adventage) -> Penalty: Correct unfair adventage (when lag while attack was going on and that prevented your opponent from getting buildings = sell buildings and dont use the $ you got by selling them); if rule breaker refuses to eliminate his bonus -> game lost

- No cheats or bug usage (capturing harvs with men sourrinding him for example, or aircraft comming from opposite base, or subs being already underground and still getting killed or units dont attack despite 10 orders) -> If its a cheat (hoppefuly, noone will cheat tho) -> game lost and disqualified from league;

-> if its a bug usage: give back the bonus you got from the bug: For example, when you see you didnt lose a building only because of a bug, sell it and dont use the money you got from -> if rule breaker refuses -> game lost;   if the bug cant be corrected and is important for the game outcome -> re the game 

if the bug is plattently unfair and someone uses the bug on purpose to get a bonus -> game lost (for example: Capturing harvs with men sourrounding him)

- No harv scout or attack (which includes attacking harvs on purpose)/building past middle/no engi on Giants -> game lost

- No advice from spectators -> game doesnt count, spectator loses points/gets kicked out

- No time trolling (letting someone sit for 30 minutes until attack) -> draw

- No false claim of rule breaking -> game lost

- No team selecting by colour usage -> game lost

- No trojan horse usage (putting noobs in opponents team or guys play for the other team) -> game lost or, if guy on other team was a fake trojan horse (he just did it for the rule break win) -> re game and disqualify trojan horse (teamkilling after game win is already secured  is "legal" tho :D)

About the game settings: We should mostly use the common game settings, but change it sometimes for fun.

- Short game (can be changed occasionally for example)

- Multiple Fac off (can be changed occasionally, if aircraft is not allowed in game)

- Multi engi (can be changed occasionally, if you want the feeling of TD back ;D )

- Firestorm off (can be changed occasionally on maps like Smallville, to use hungry Reapers and Joggernaughts :D)

- Team build off (can be fun on Terr or GSO tho)

- Tech level 10 (can be reduced occasionally on maps with short distance)


So thats my advice, what do you think, Blue? Should it be clans only or a league for all? Which rules should apply?

Thx for your work and time,

your humble






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