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Features to add to CnCNet

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CnCNET is great, and since RA source code has been released this is a huge step in improving the game and adding nice juicy features that allow us to enjoy the game we love.

Add a replay system, maybe as an option as saving a replay could add more lag to games.

Fix bug where you can ally someone who is trying to Engi your building which prevents it from being captured

New .ini keywords, this would allow for more control over making maps of all types from nurple to Defense maps

I'll list a few keyword suggestions

  • Ability to remove darkness crate as random chance
  • Chrono (superweapon) Crate
  • Size of Nukes/Demo Trucks explosions
  • Force Ore Regrowth on (ignores lobby setting "Ore Regenerates")
  • Crusher Flag for vehicles
  • Helicopter Firing Delay
  • Auto Attack Flag (Tanya for example)
  • Build Speed Multiplier (per unit/building)
  • New Triggers

New blank units if modders want to add them to maps. (Like Ferrets Tiberian Alert mod)




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