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Yuri's Revenge CnCnet does not launch



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I had the same problem on a windows 7 machine. I have the disc version of yuri installed and I installed the client. It would launch but not actually open but show up in task manager. I then installed it on a second laptop that has windows 7 ult sp1 and it actually worked and it told me to install Microsoft XNA framework. It never asked me that on the first machine.

I then copied the entire ra2 folder to the other machine and it ran after i installed xna framework.

So if you still have an issue try installing XNA framework from MS and see if that gets it to run. If you can get it running on a second machine try to copy the entire ra2 folder to the machine that is not working and it might work as it did for me.

Honestly i don't know why a client needs such modern features to run a 20 year old game. The fact that you need all the frameworks is really discouraging if you want to run a 20 year old game on windows xp where it runs the best. If you run the client on a dual core machine it uses >40% of the cpu. And that's just the CNCnet client, not even the actual game.

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    • By XMaDTanKX aka T-90
      I'm doing some video stuff with Yuri's Revenge and every time I try to open the XCC Sound Editor that comes inside the XCC Mixer, the program just closes itself and won't let me do anything. I only need to extract some audios from langmd.mix\audiomd.mix\audio.bag as wave files to put them into a video.
      I'm using XCC Utilities 1.47 and surprisingly with older versions like 1.12 or 1.40 the issue won't happen, but I can't read Yuris Revenge, only Red Alert 2.
      Any idea of what could be causing this and any solution?
      Thanks in advance.
    • By Insurgent
      Hello, i've just played minutes ago, but after restarting my pc this came out when i tried to open cncnet-yuri's revenge.
      Can anyone give me some hints so I can solve this problem?
      Kind regards.

    • By XMaDTanKX aka T-90
      I've been playing a few games online and I've noticed that the Scroll Speed is way too fast even when it's set at 0, and when I say too fast I mean near to be uncontrollable.
      I don't have this issue playing the vanilla games Ra2 / YR and/or the CNC Net client on Skirmish mode, I usually set it as fast, but in online games I'm forced to set it to slowest / 0 and still is too fast.
      Anyone knows what could be causing this problem and any possible solution?
      Any help is apreciated.
    • By CnCRedAlertFan
      Can't host a game of Yuri's Revenge in CnC Net, only i load and I get a Victorious screen.

    • By CnCRedAlertFan
      First time I was able to load into the game but the update failed, I got an error in the update and said something about firewall not allowing clientdx.exe to update. My firewall and anti-virus arent the issue and i read others are also having this problem.
      Now I can't even launch the game due to a crash
      Update: fixed by reinstalling
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