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reconnection error


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Recently, the problem of reconnection error has arisen very often. We are playing on a water map and 2 out of 3 games end with an error. Could this be due to the latest update affecting underwater units? This is a very big problem.

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Could you give some further details please

  1. Were there observers in the game?
  2. Was there anything in particular that you noticed causing this?
  3. Have you played on this map before without any issues?
  4. Could you supply all sync files from the game (from all players) and re-attach back here please?
  5. If you have a videos/screenshots that may help too 
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Yes, of corse.

1.  No, there was no observers.

2. Yes. It often happens when massive attack with dolphins and destroyers starts. It should be noted that simply moving a large number of water units does not result in an error. It happens right at the moment of the attack. Maybe, the error occurs when an enemy unit appears for the player.

3. Sometimes it happened all history, but now it seems to happen much more often. Water maps are very prone to this.

4. Yes. I will attach mine and ask to do this others. I have 256 files for 256 frames. It doesnt allow to attach such a big size. I will attach some from beginning and some from end.  Interesting, that last time in log file cause of error was player, who played soviet. He had no dolphins and destroyers.

5. We have some screenshots from some games. But i think, they will not help. They can only confirm that the error occurs during a naval attack.






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I can confirm that pretty much all my recon errors happen in sea maps as well (Tsunami in particular) not anything recent; has occurred pretty much since I started here already back in 2017. Often it happens as well when someone surrenders in a late game or just randomly when a lot is going on. Pretty sure the issue is something sea related.

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Just had another recon in tesunami as well. It happened when the harrier landed from a crash but I don't think that's it. Weird. Unfortunately I play with randoms so I just can't gather logs for both players

It was a really long and fair fight, so I don't think the other party was turning on a cheat or something.

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Yet another recon in Tsunami, again when my black eagles were crashing. Is this a hint? Is it maybe something like an aircraft landing on a navy unit or something?

EDIT: I also see a veteran icon near the shipyard. What is that about? I had no navis near the shipyard of the enemy.

EDIT 2: Another possibility is rumble falling on a navy unit

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