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Thanks guys, i was able to change the map size to 126x126. The problem now is saving the map to an MPR file. I was able to save it to an individual ini file, and i have opened it with notepad and compared it with a regular MPR file.


I noticed the terrain, waypoints info in both files is about the same so i will try copying the content to an existing mpr file.


What does [Digest] mean or do? Its the only label the mpr contains while the ini does not have it.

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"What does [Digest] mean or do? Its the only label the mpr contains while the ini does not have it."


It's a string of text that's basically a file check sum, it's placed inside the map file to make sure it isn't corrupted somehow, when the game loads the map it will calculate a digest and compare it with the string under [Digest] in the map file, if they don't match the game thinks the map is corrupted. This was probably done to prevent issues with online play after transferring a map, back then transferring files was slower and sometimes the map would be corrupted.


It's recommended to remove the [Digest] section of the file, if it's removed the game will load the map without checking if the map is corrupted, it's quite hard to corrupt files now a days so the check is unnecessary.



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As FunkyFr3sh said... google for "hide extensions for known file types" to see  how to disable the extension hiding. Then you can rename it back.


As for Digest, it's a kind of security section to make sure the files aren't tampered with. The game won't accept maps with a digest section that doesn't match its contents. However, simply removing the Digest section solves this :D

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