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Unit queuing


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Is it possible to add this function to red alert? In my opinion it would add some comfort and make the game less of a clickfest when building infantry.


Im also curious what most ra1 players would prefer?


No queuing (TD/RA1 style)

Tiberian sun queuing (up to 5)

RA2 queuing (unlimited)


Just to be clear: i'm not saying it SHOULD be added, im just wondering if it CAN be added.


Thanks :D

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queuing takes away all the skill, most good players are just so good because they click fast


if a new player can produce at the same speed as someone who plays the game 15years online then its really a joke, no point in playing cause you cannot improve

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If you just spam tanks you wont win a game :D You can try it against any good player

That's just because they've learned how to spam tanks faster :P


I've seen the recorded games, Funky. It's nothing but a line of tanks between two bases. Practically like C&C4.

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To put things into perspective:


The biggest gameplay changing addition so far has been the upgraded game resolution. This partly or maybe even completely removes the need for bookmark "skills". SO far i have seen 0 people complain about this change. Also, there are no games or tournaments that require the limitation of the game resolution to mimic classic gameplay.


I am certain that only 0.1% of the player base would mind queuing being implemented. The rest would propably accept it since it adds a level of comfort in the same way the larger resolution did.

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sure, that is requierd too :D i been playing red alert with some good starcraft players who were really fast, but they still couldnt win a game cause they didnt know the strategies of red alert hehe


well funkyfresh

i think most of the Players incl. you are on another skill (Play) Level


C&C which part anyway need tons of clicks

but it going up into a spam by playing in a highspeed 7

because on this Speed Level is mostly no break

it going up pretty fast into a spam of clicking constantly


normally is the orginal Speed of C&C 4 (as you can see it on the time maps)

strategies are more

tactics, moves, etc...


i prefer defenetly that highspeed 7 for those spam maps as p4 (unlimited Money)

but on the standart maps (maps with a Limit of ore) is Speed 5 between the spam and normal Speed acceptable

and im defenetly right with that mind!

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we've moved from unit queuing to complaining about game speed.

You've made one topic complaining about it already and you've hijacked this one here with it.


Personally I don't think queuing is a necessity that has to be added to red alert, its worked fine for 17 years without it and it's only coming to discussion because those who played the later games seemingly can't live without it.

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peace jacko

ive just answer here for the reason what spam could be

its not wrong to post by questions and comments like this here

yea some Players are totally frustrated of the orginal Speed and just leave the game :/

you are right they cant live i mean Play without it :D :D

i gues C&C net should install Speed 10 haha

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I don't think queuing is neccecary and I also don't think it'll change anything in RA. Sure, less experienced players will gain a couple of seconds on their more seasoned opponents, but in the meantime pros will be able to just click out their well rehearsed build orders from the start and then only worry about building placement and better unit control = you still get your ass handed to you.


Now, what would actually be more of a boost for newer players are building rally points like in TS. Just set your WF to send the units directly to the enemy's base or thereabouts. Building a tank only requires one click, while transferring one from your base to the field is: bookmark 1 + select + bookmark 2 + send = 4 actions, at least, and that's if you don't count the actual 'shifting' into the attacking team.

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