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Who Wrote These Lies?

Guest Stefor

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Doesn't seem very clear, no. It seems to say you can you order a unit to do stuff after it's attached to the carryall, and that it actually fires while in the air.


I'd reword this as "When you order a unit to be picked up by a carryall, and then give the unit an attack command before it's picked up, it will keep executing that attack command after being dropped off again."


On the whole, though, this doesn't seem very useful.

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Stefor why haven't you been making new videos? You need to start doing shirtless push ups in your videos while drinking red bull and playing the theme song to Macgyver in the background. You say that you're the best player and commentator that has ever lived so this shouldn't slow your gaming or commentator skills down any.





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to the people that don't think this is useful...this is why you play mod maps and can't keep up with us pros on ww maps. woop


what are mod maps? there is only tezz and ff...!!!!. are you high?


we play tezz and ff because they are the most balanced ww maps for TS.

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"After giving your carryall the command to land on a unit, you can order that unit to fire at a target, so it will keep firing until the carryall lands. It will also start shooting right after being released again." Although you might have issues when the attack unit moves after the carry is given the command to land on it.


Whats wrong with this? umm,,,maybe some vocab (Mole40k need u here!!)


And @Stefor, this hint/tip^^ is what makes mk so lethal. I used to see ppl using this and m like wtf mk just landed n shot..,htf that hppn! and the part about firing until carry is attached is so imp, can save the mk from dying if done right.

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to x3m : it might be that they like it better it is more balanced in their opinion and it is what they like.


Punkernfg,  I agree that tezz and ff are the most balanced of the ww maps,


forever better is a ww style mod that I really like westwood'ish terrain  but even


I like the symmetrical balance of the mod maps no unevenness of the terrain equal for both teams

that is a big part of why I like mods more than ww maps


to all the snobby ones:


some of us  l i k e  other maps better...

everyone likes the same football team the same sport the same food hair style color tv show car or truck or bike or skateboard

food music drug weather movie literature???

can you really not understand that others like different things than you?


so if you are in mcdonalds and someone gets something different than you, 

do you mock them "what are you afraid of the quarter pounder or the fish sandwich??

are others disrespectful to you and mock you?


you like something different than I like, and im not

man mod maps are for us leet players we are the only shit on the block you're afraid to come play the mods you suck..

not we  a f r a i d. . . . to play other maps. send em ... lol


tezz to me is  boringggggg


played giants and evw gso dream team, and some great visc games yesterday

had soo much fun!

for the dense__ you have fun playing tezz, I have fun playing mod maps...


some seem to favor tezz, as they like

but i got tired of it by 2002  yawn.

now a 4v4 mod map with good players gives me the rush


ffs there are 5 different cnc games on cncnet and 5 mods of them...

not, only ts on tezz, lol

so everyone in the world that plays anything but ts on tezz is afraid?? must be

7 billion people on this planet and you think ts on tezz is the only valid thing?



we like what we like, you like what you like


are you really unable to get that?  really?



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I do get the point though.

It isn't like I think every one is scared of changing.

Just a few. ( I think it is 50% at this point since people keep leaving when I host, demanding to change the rules and map etc.)


I get bored of a map after playing it just once. Then I simply want to play another map.


Every game has "THE" map.

However, one should realize that playing the same map over and over again. Even though it is comforting that you win >50% on that map. It doesn't mean you are better then 50% of the players.

No, for proving yourself that you are better then 50% of the players, you need to play other maps too.


2 pro's should try another map and play on that map. How about this game gets the option; choose random map?

It might prove some awesome new stories for the players. Since they don't know where to scout.

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The reason why everyone likes Terrace .......


everyone except me....???  :)


good point that each corner has to be played differently

and I think thats what  Punkernfg was getting at when he said  they were the most balanced of the ww maps

not meaning they were exactly symetrical and even


I can appreciate the things you mention you articulated them very well


x3m,let me use your example


if they leave when they don't like your settings,rules (map)  thats ok

but if they are disrespectful to you demanding you change

or say another way is 'better' or 'your a whatever for playing different

than they way they like


then it is rude







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The game play offering, is a good argument indeed. Why players like that map(?). You got a good point there.

I think there are more maps that offer this game play. You simply have to find them.

Only way to find them is test other maps out.


I have played the map too often by now to be counted in the every one corner. ;)


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what makes terrace so interesting over all the mod maps and most other ww maps is that everyone has to expand towards the middle. the longer the game goes, the closer your base will be to your enemies base, the more intense the game is gonna get. on mod maps its the opposite: the first 3 minutes can be pretty interesting, depending on peoples build orders, and then it gets boring. they might look different but they're actually all the same. infinite money in the base, one small entrance. what is inbetween doesnt matter if you dont have to expand out. on the other hand, for an experienced player, every spot on terrace kinda feels like a different map with the same playstyle.


the ultimate argument:


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