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The units that you would alter.


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What units would you alter from their original design (if you could have it altered for the release date)? Or possibly, which ones would you of liked to see restored and not edited for the release of the game?

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I think the one on eveerybody's minds are the MRLS, maybe bikes, hummer or smh.

But this comes down to how you'd want to change the balancing of the game.

In fact I'd probably give the Tib Dawn Light tank a small dmg up

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For me, it'd just be the units that we hardly ever see. (the point about bikes is a lack of ability to beat them, which can be fixed by making proper counters).

but bike crushing is a good point.


-MRLS (comm tech, and either price drop or up the HP)

-Chem troops (lower tech, lower price or up HP) maybe even totally change them, to give them something more similar to the gren, so that they can be used in groups without killing your own stuff, and so that they're different from the flamer.

-Stealth tanks (again, lower price or up HP, some might disagree with this, but I'd like to see them used more)

-MAYBE Apache (lower ammo? higher tech for flyers, like comm?) This is the only one I'd want to nerf.

I THINK that's all.



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Ow, my list is big on this one. Not only adjustments for balance, but also for proper rules.


Sandbags, costs 25.

Chain fence, costs 50.

All 3 walls should block any direct hit weapon, except the artillery and rocket types AND all towers.


Spreading out ranges:

Range + 1 on any vehicle.

Range + 2 on any artillery and rocket system.

Range + 3 specific on the MRLS.

SSM-launcher is ok.


Crushing should be limited;

either slowing down the speed of tanks.


tanks bounce against infantry and only kill 1 that way at a time. This makes them ehm, at least 5 times slower. Yes, a ROF on infantry crushing.


Area of effect on anti air. But limited to only a few units.

Flamethrower effect limited to only a few units (some one managed to do this, but I forgot who).

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