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Who's the best active players on Ts? From what I have been viewing Westwood and mod games trying to discover some talent here's my findings.        1 carnage  2 benny 3 corpsmakr 4 trz 5 greyhonda 6 mammy2k1  these are the best players I've noticed always very consistent carnage seems to be unbeatable 1on1 but is also a very strong allienin 2on2. Benny is an excellent 2on2 player and quite relaxed. Corpsmakr I don't see very often playing but he is another strong 2on2 player. Trz would be higher but he seems to struggle with carnage and blames allies too much. Only seen smokey aka greyhonda a few times but he was an excellent player.  Best modders I've seen are momodog lime mouse daz Ireland and puzzibaer.  Consistency is key and all these players are regularly consistent. It takes a long time to get good at Ts I am still strugglingn to adjust to Westwood games after having a three year break but I will get there

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rofl benny. LOL at struggle. me and carnage play all the time, and usually a series. like 6 games or 10 games. it always ends 3-3, or 5-5 , etc ask him yourself. you are obviously benny or some hider noob. as benny shouldnt be anywhere on these lists. he is total shit 1v1 and 2v2 and me and ollie have both noticed him lying about this, and crying all the time.


mike aka using mammy log also doesnt belong.


theres only me, ollie, c0rps and possibly grey, and then u have guys like daz, en3rgy, etc and then whenever like ray returns and movieno0b etc.


ive beaten ollie about a bajillion times with watchers, and vice versa. we are just about dead even, so lol @ struggle. if we have played 100 games, its most likely 50 to 50 atm. '



benny sucks though beaten him about last 10 games. and then he will lie and make up his own stats. then anytime i get him in a 2v2 he looks like a thaillest clone, who sits and builds titans and has no idea wtf is going on in game.


as for 1v1 which is all i really care about or try in. ollie is the only person on  a regular basis that gives me a gg. and he says the same for me consistently. you can ask any active ts player who watches me and ollie play one another...


... and then c0rps for me when he is active gives good games, is elite, but he will also try and act like benny and deny lsoses, even though for c0rps i will post multiple ss on here.



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My login is actually busteruk I and i have spectated many games recently and I'm going on my own personal experience of what I've seen. You have about 20 different logins trz so it's hard to keep up with who you are. I remember you challenging benny in front of myself japi and one more person and, with spectators, he beat u comfortably from bl and was very close to beating u from tr. I have watched beat almost every good player but he himself admits carnage is in another league. Also trz u have to respect that u have been playing constantly and he's been back four weeks.  I watched mammy2k beat trz in 1on1 and also vice versa I also witnessed benny quite comfortably beat corpsmakr from tr terrace and you also watched it trz. You have a vendetta against him for some reason, maybe because he's a natural talent and that scares you I don't know. I believe we should have an exhibition match of benny greyhonda carnage trz corps daz Ireland after all have been returned to Tiberian sun for a few months I think there would definitely be some upsets.


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buster1uk wasnt in those games. A and B he beat my TR nod and almost lost. wasnt comfortable. and the only thing he did in the other game was almost kill my cy so he says, then died.


he has lost to me 10 games in a row. mike has beaten me 1-2 x in the last 20. i believe 1 of them is on youtube, where i was BR nod.


the only people worth mentioning atm are me, ollie n c0rps imo.


benny is  a noob, i know this because he lies a lot, about who he is, his time off ts, his wins, etc etc i never saw benny beat c0rps from TR? that i can recall. if hes so naturally talented why after losing so many times does he lie about it, or deny others the chance to watch us compete in a 5 game series or even a 3 game series?


etc. get off his nuts. or your own nuts as if you arent benny you have the biggest mancrush on a  noob plaeyr ive ever seen

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Sorry slight moment of dementia, I knew you were both! Don't know why I put that, saw the cigar username and thought "he's also one I'd forgot to mention" without realising I had but using your other alias. One more I forgot to mention was sol, who seems to have vanished!

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