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The Mod as it currently sits in 2015


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As some of you already know TDR version 1.4 has resumed production and I intend to get it out as a full release by the end of the year.




First off the infantry model textures are reworked and brightened up to better resemble the original in-game sprites

The original post talking about these concerns http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=651.0 and here http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=1717.0




Visual optimization to the in-game graphics

Several vehicle and structure models reworked & retextured

Skirmish AI rebuilt and optimized for a better gameplay experience

Skirmish AI utilizes more units and buildings and uses a varied set of tactics

Maps and singleplayer missions debugged/re-scripted

Added new visual details to several units and buildings

Infantry have new Cameos/Button Icons

Tiberium spawning optimized to avoid game freezes/crashes and their cash value has been adjusted

Several balancing tweaks applied to several units and buildings

Harvester and MCV movement speed slightly increased

Base defense armor increased

New water and terrain textures

APC's and Transport Helicopters can heal infantry

Engineers can Disable & Repair Vehicles

New RailGun Base Defense for Talon Subfaction (Replaces Artillery Platform)

New Laser Turret for Black Hand Subfaction (replaces Flame Turret)




(yet to be made at the time of this post)


2-4 additional singleplayer campaign missions to be remade from the original game

Addition of the popular "Tiberium Gardens" multiplayer map

Addition of the PATSUX mission and possibly another SPECOPS Mission



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2-4 additional singleplayer campaign missions to be remade from the original game

I look forward to all of the updates, but mostly this. A 3D/HD version of the original missions would be real nice to see :)


Indeed the campaign remakes and the AI scripting have been the two most tedious aspects of doing this Mod which is why it has been slow going on progress minus real life and PC issues. I cannot settle for a less than truly "authentic" experience which is why I have settled on getting it all done myself. I have even had to go back through the completed missions to make adjustments in order to compensate for the other updates and balance fixes as well. I also gotta get the rest of the videos re-processed in better quality. I got Adobe Premiere and a better PC now so that will help a ton.

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The best part of the update is the lag/crashing issue is gone from the mod at last and the broken and partially operating AI in the missions and skirmish games has finally been fixed. I had to revert to saved 1.3 files and essentially splice the new content into them. I assume it had to do with incorporating the no lag fix mod I probably did not incoporate the code to fit the new mod data properly. I played 3 hard armies on a 4 player map with the mod and had little to no lag and the once again active AI caught me off guard as I got backed into a corner but prevailed after a long struggle. I regret releasing the old 1.4 beta considering I had not caught such a critical issue beforehand. With this being said I can finally resume adding more missions and hopefully finishing the campaigns in the next few months.

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Who recognizes these missions?  :) I spiffed them up a bit visually while going through the completed missions and fixing come critical AI lag and odd scripting bugs.


My old 1.4 closed beta download page is long gone but what file hosting site do you guys recommend for uploading the beta for closed testing? Its at a good point for a new release but there is not too much new in the form of maps and missions just because I tried to polish whats already done.


And yes the Mod is open for any beta testers that are still around.




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Thanks! Yeah very few mods have gone as far as to make campaigns or in this case remaking an entire game. The mod currently has 18 completed campaign missions with the cinematics included. That's roughly half of the GDI & Nod Campaigns that are playable. While I had a couple mappers help I did about 90 percent of the current campaign missions including level design and AI development and scripting. It's a lot of work and that's why it's taken so long.

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Sorry I haven't gotten around to getting the beta up. Got busy again. However I did take some time to retweak the AI so its not as dumb and lazy early in the game. Plus I also made some fixes to the AI where it failed to build certain buildings and whatnot. It also uses my conyard system now which sped up base construction quite a bit. But that is to be expected since the AI is not wasting time waiting on slow lumbering MCV's to get from one place to another as a "Dozer" to construct the buildings.

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A couple updates.


Since there was no way in the GUI to show "fullness" with Tiberium harvesting in Generals, I did the next best thing. I redone the Tiberium Harvester models with a simple indicator that will tell players if the vehicle is "full" or not.




Also the PATSUX special mission from the Playstation now exists in the mod. It is a bit more challenging when translated to TDR. Also the special "Laser" Orcas also exist as depicted in the original mission.



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Originally I had a series of tiny green cubes hovering next to the model as I had originally intended to use for that exact function. However there apparently was no way to partially render them in increments or make it only visible when selected. It also created some shadow bleeds in-game that looked ugly. My fallback was to simply copy the China Supply Truck code and use the load unload states to hide/show the small details added to the model to represent this.



The Orcas might still need to be adjusted a bit.

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