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Let's Play Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn Redux


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Gonna try to get it out at the end of the month. As I said it is pretty much me doing all the work. I appreciate the Promo work you are doing with these videos. Hopefully it will generate some renewed interest in the aging mod since many have moved on from the Generals platform.

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Awesome. :) I'm actually quite positive about the future of TDR. It's one of the few full conversion mods for Generals that's actually finished (with regard to units etc.). The Generals modding scene is still doing well, with Contra still being developed and Rise of the Reds and Shockwave being comparably young mods in their current version. C&C3 and RA3 don't seem to have the same kind of support.


Anyway, here's the first GDI spec ops mission:




Alternative link.

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There's an awful lot of infantry coming out of those destroyed turrets... that amount should only come out if it's sold :-\


Its probably gonna be disabled altogether. Originally the infantry spawns were made with the intent to only occur when the building is sold but its apparently hardcoded to where you cannot activate the spawn for the ConditionState = SOLD Parameter. :/


I also noticed another bug from watching this. The Airstrike got enabled prematurely making the mission too easy. Its supposed to be available only after the SAMs are destroyed just like every other mission. lol  At least the AI is functioning well without severe lag unlike earlier builds of this mission.

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I can also confirm that prolonged Tiberium growth causes a massive FPS drop, I replayed this mission and harvested all the Tiberium and had almost no slowdown. I don't think it's much of an issue, though, because there won't be many situations where a mission both lasts long and Tiberium isn't harvested.

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