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How many harvesters?


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Well, 12 harvesters for 1 player is definitely too much.


First of all, miners cost money. A harvester costs 1400$, so if you have 12, then you've spent 16800$ on a unit which you can't really use to fight with (you can buy a lot of tanks for this money).


I don't need to mention that more harvesters mine more money in the same time than less harvesters. But you have to take into account that more harvesters will deplete an ore patch faster and will end up mining sand when the ore patch is empty.


Anyway, as a rule of thumb - in 2v2 matches (depends on map and rushing or not rushing) each player should have at least 3 miners. Some swear by 5 miners (that's the point at which they sell MCV for + 3000$). In competitive play, a player having 6 miners or more is quite rare.


In 1v1, well, again at least 3 miners and depending on map you can get 4 miners. I'd say in 1v1 having 5 miners is useless, if you already have 5 then make a 6th. Now, you really shouldn't have more than 6 miners on all except the largest maps. On a very large map in 1v1 you can get up to 7, perhaps 8 miners but that's it. Never get more than 8 miners unless you really, really know what you're doing (it's generally not worth it on all but the largest of the largest maps, creates too much trouble managing miners, depletes ore patches too quickly, you can't build an army if you're busy pumping out 1400$ units)...


Just my advice, I've only been 5 times RaNk #1 on XWIS Red Alert 2.  :P



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The amount of harvesters you have should really depend on your gameplan. If you are rushing you can go 0/1 miner and sell mcv. For longer games, as a general rule of thumb, you should probably tech on 5 miners as allies/sov or go second war after 4 miners and build more miners/wars from there. Though this can depend on whether there's gems/oils etc.


Mining all of your ore early on is not a good idea. You should also use miner control to make sure you are mining most efficiently and allow ore to regenerate properly.

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Barracks, warfac's, mcvs, naval yards and afcs, the more you have the faster the unit production. Once you reach 10 making more makes no difference.


How many miner's you need depends on the map and your strategy.


As for rushing, you gotta force ur opponent to spend cash on defenses, if you can, aim for power or miner's this will slow your opponent down a lot.



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While you can speed up your income a lot more with many harvesters, you may be spending more money on them than how much the payback early in the game. If you're spending money on harvesters, be sure you spend some on building tanks needed to protect them.


It's investment, you quickly clean up the entire ore early and get rich later but put yourself at a risk. Who knows, maybe your opponent didn't rush you well so the early massive harvest can be a huge pay off or if you're Soviet the many armed ore trucks can be useful against Yuri or prism tanks.


Choose wisely.

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