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Nodrescue - please grow up


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I don't ever get involved with stuff like this but your general attitude in games has riled me to the point that I just have to get this off my chest. I am sure there are plenty of others who think the same.  :ranting:


Your behaviour in games is pathetic. You have ruined every game I have had the displeasure of playing with you and as a community I do not know why people still allow you to play in their games. If you get scouted, don't get the allies you want or get killed early (which can and does happen to everyone) you either go afk, kill your allies, break the rules of the game i.e. scout with harvs or alt scout, alt tab to lag the game for everyone else or disconnect. I wish you would just have the decency to do the latter so we could just kick you and be done with you.


As a community we need to stamp out this cretins behaviour until he learns to play nicely with others. It's for his own good.

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he's got a few around him that put up with him and fill his lobby's (mostly stack the teams by colours so he don't get anyone new) but everything your saying is true I've witnessed it all myself also. hes quite careful to pick who's on his team though so it's rare he will lose or lose quickly but when he does that's exactly what happens. I think the community would be better off banning him

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How stupid are you if i want to pick my team i would just get them to pick numbers,

Most people know on cnc the colours don't stick.

I really am not going to join in to much with this stupid topic as i done that on xwis,

Better to just ignore idiots like you and just play on.

And by the way until CnC make it a rule that you can get banned for leaving a game ill do as i wish,

Get good son and stop playing on the forums  :down:

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