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Let's Play Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun


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Tiberian Sun, one of the most beloved C&C games. The again, which game isn't? Apart from Sole Survivor? Anyway, Tiberian Sun is the direct sequel to the original C&C and quite a step up from Red Alert. It also starts the resurrection cycle Nod is going to go through with every main game and expansion, and its tendency to have splinter factions.


We start the Let's Play with the two Tiberian Sun demo missions. Why? Because Tiberian Sun does have unique missions for its demo instead of (modified) main campaign missions, and we don't want to miss those!


Dem0 Mission 1: Initiation



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Please continiue TaxOwlbear. Your video's are awesome.


But I would like to know if you have Firestorm/any other update, installed while playing the first missions.

Since Artillery are nerved greatly after installing those.

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Here is our first optional mission, in which we capture a train station (duh). I wish this game had a mix between the optional mission system and the C&C1 alternative mission system e.g. before you play the main mission, you get the option to, say, interrupt Nod's reinforcements or alternatively deny them access to certain units for the mission.


I'm happy as it is nevertheless, though. Maybe I should do an LP where I deliberately skip all the optional missions. If I remember correctly, there are one or two optional mission which are de facto mandatory.


GDI Mission 3: Capture Train Station

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Good question. I think Nod gets less reinforcements - at least that's what the briefing says. I never noticed Nod being significantly stronger when you skip that mission though.


EVA also says that Nod will be able to remove less technology from the crash site, but that's probably just flavour because the actual crash site mission doesn't have a time limit.

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I don't think there are any modifiers here. Except for some projectiles not being able to shoot upwards because they bounce of against the corner of terrain.


The train only shows an alternate route to the base, through the tunnel. Not that I recommend using it.



You might find some knowledge here interesting about Tiberian Sun.



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